Thursday, February 04, 2010

Update FNQ Bashing & Rape now MURDER!

Not to take anything away from Jeremy Jones reported most serious case of Antisemitism in 2009 (the egging of a couple of Jews). The 82 year old Grandmother who was bashed and raped by a Non White on Australia Day has passed away in hospital. Our thoughts are with her family. We hope justice will be swift.


Anonymous said...

I doubt if justice will be dispensed in this case. Anyone who rapes an 82 year-old woman ought to be lined-up against a wall and shot, dangled from a tree, or taken out to sea, tossed overboard and fed to sharks. But the perpetrator of this despicable crime will be spared his miserable, worthless life.

Had the poor woman been Jewish, and had someone thrown eggs at her, you could bet your bottom dollar that Jeremy Jones and the Jew-controlled media would have been all over this case like a rash.

But there will be no outrage from Jones since the victim isn't Jewish. Jews have a monopoly on victimhood and suffering, and it is only ever they who should elicit sympathy.

Anonymous said...

The thing that did this crime will be represented by a Jew lawyer and the case will be presided over by a specially hand picked Freemason 'liberal progressive' judge who will say shit like "The real victim in this is the poor indigenous man who was traumatised by white hate into taking revenge on a cruel and unfeeling society" Then he will get a suspended sentence and walk free.

Whitelaw Towers said...

Yes anon its amazing how it works. Recently in Toowoomba Queensland a middle aged aborigine the senior of one of that cities most notorious thugs died after a confrontation with another group of aborigines. He had a heart attack.

Front page news pics of broken hearted family members the police were outraged. So the media say.

Over the next week family members of the dead man roamed the streets in cars openly looking to exact revenge. I personally witnessed this along with many others.

When they could not find the aborigines who were involved in the death of their family member they attacked and terrorized the White Folk who live in a Housing commission area.

So for a week we have a gang of drunken thugs running around bashing at will yet nothing was reported in the paper nor as far as we know did the police get involved.

Different strokes for different folks. Now lets see what would happen if White People decided to exact some revenge?