Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Warning to QLD Bikers!

Seems the Queensland Labor Party and the Queensland Police understand the notion of spending money to make money. Especially when it comes to revenue and persecuting a minority section of the community.

Easy to spot.

Not so easy to spot.

This was sent to us from a very good friend today.

Police Radar / Speed patrol vehicle.

They are now out on 4 Hayabusa's (sports bike) Motorbikes.

Beware out there guys

Just had word from a a mate who seen & spoken to them in person 2 are white Gen, unsure of colour. Have very small police markings on windscreen & rear hump. Fully decked out with all the gear to catch us. Digital equipment built into the bike to let them just park & aim bike in your direction to detect speeding( no need for hand held radar). Video gear on board to follow you with. Has a fold up rear flashing light They were up Mt Glorious & will be working any where in the northern area from Caboolture around.

You have all been warned.


WLT NSW said...

I remember years ago a copper telling me that even the regular Police refer to the Highway Patrol as 'Cockroaches'.

I don't mind seeing Police out and about. It's what their job is. Keeping law and order and letting the real crims know they're being scoped by the Big Blue Club.

But this sneaky shit and virtual entrapment caper is low grade behaviour only a total maggot would do.

whitey said...

Police Officers (Peace Officers) = Political prostitutes, prostituting themselves for Government payment in order to enslave their fellow man/woman. They are the pawns who are actually committing criminal offenses themselves by stopping you in your vehicle in a highway or byway of Australia. Unless you are operating that vehicle for commercial gain, you are traveling out of NECESSITY and any attempt to take money from you under the guise of breaking a traffic "law" is a criminal offense under division 270 and 270.1 of the COMMONWEALTH (read: not STATE) Criminal Code as it is forcing you into Debt Bondage and Slavery.

Check out the Commonwealth Criminal Code, you will be quite surprised ;)