Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wheels fall off at FDB central. Rats leaving a sinking ship!

Sad days folks. Yet another Hebrew speaking member of the near non existent group Fight Dem Back or as we call them Flog Da Baton retires. I must say it has been very interesting watching these left wing State Assets die a very slow death. Poor old VC FDB's Hebrew speaking Kiwi member is moving onto bigger and better things. Off to do a tour in the IDF are we VC.

They are dead in the water. The first stage of the WLT project is nearly complete.


Anonymous said...

FDB is moving towards a state of obsolescence as they don't really have any significant opposition.

A fire brigade that's never got a fire to fight is gonna go out of business.

Whitelaw Towers said...

Thats funny. Since FDB started WNism and opposition to Multiculturalism has grown 10 fold. FDB were a pivotal part in unifying WN in Australia.

Mathew Henderson and his mates blew it big time. They helped the movement grow. We know they still lurk we know what they are up too.

WLT still has a fair way to go yet. Its not over like I said its just the transition period to the next strategy.

Anonymous said...

Barf wants to be a Prig in a BigWig. Then he can impose himself on everyone else from afar...Power is a powerful aphrodisiac for ritual self abusers. He won't be able to leave 'imself alone for a second and will be consequently blind to the effects his self ascribed, mirrored magnificence as "Judge" has upon those he inflicts himself upon.
But like the rest of 'em..He is "Chosen" for it.