Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Wicked Webs They Weave…

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Peter Watson said...

“Dude, I would like to tell you some thing. The Communist Party is nothing but a publishing company for the Guardian and for the Australian Marxist Review. The Communist Party is just a elite club of left wing trade unionists. Trust me, I know what I am talking about. The Party is a joke. Where do you think the reds are getting their cash from? I will tell you where. Every dollar they get comes from the CFMEU, MUA and the AMWU. Talk about red rivers of gold. It isn't from Moscow but from the MUA officers in Sydney. Every last cent.”

Interesting claims there Peter and, in light of Mathew ‘Darp’ Henderson-Hau’s former (still current perhaps?) employment with the CFMEU, it’s clear there is a strong connection with ‘Fight Dem Back’ and hardline, old school Communists. The MUA and possibly, to a lesser extent, the AWU, are still run by full on Reds. The CFMEU still romanticise, particularly the younger ones, who weren’t fucking there, about the ‘good old days’ of the BLF and there never has been a proper purge of the ranks. The ghost of the Communist thug Norm Gallagher still lingers like the stench of a rotting corpse.

Mathew’s father Ken was a trade union organiser so perhaps young Matty had some hopes to emulate his dad, nothing wrong with that, except that his dad was actually Working Class. Matty “I coulda been a contender” is just a poseur and a wannabe. What a disappointment. This is one of the consequences of Working Class people doing well for themselves and raising kids in far better circumstances than they themselves endured as youngsters. The kids produced are often ungrateful, disrespectful, self indulgent twats like Darp. Add a Racial identity crisis due to miscegenation manifesting as self loathing and snotty nosed resentment into the mix and it’s a sure fire recipe for disaster.

We have Brian ‘weezil’ Stokes quoted from the FDB Forum saying “what exactly is wrong with Communism?” This comes from a congenital idiot who thinks Hunter. S. Thompson should be canonised and imagines he was at one time the Sgt at Arms of a One Percenter M.C. Believe me kiddies, hardcore bikers do NOT carry on like this nancy boy fruit loop Stokes, stalking and threatening minors, (all from the safety of his ‘protected’ home and mostly electronically) filing endless vexatious complaints with the Police and other authorities (whatever happened to the Biker code Bwian? You know the one, snitches are a dying breed) and championing the cause of every drug abuser, sexual pervert and pariah on the planet. Or are we expected to believe he pulled a ‘Johnny Lee Clary’ (the ex KKK / born again / über nerd) and converted from heavy duty dude to ‘progressive’ social engineer and political ‘activist’? The Bikers have another code for dealing with vile creeps like you Stokes and it’s called TCB or Taking Care of Business. You are a septic pustule that should have been lanced long ago, you slimy piece of filth. Still, you know what they say, what goes around comes around.

Under the cynically contrived pretence of so-called ‘Racial Harmony’ we had the Sydney Town Hall ‘demonstration’ against White Australians shortly after the Cronulla people power uprising where Darp was observed driving, loading and unloading the CFMEU truck. This writer, who was there that day to observe the event, has never witnessed such a sustained and shrill attack on Australian sovereignty or such hysterical vilification of traditional White European Australians before nor since. It was a disgrace and an absolutely sickening example of just how disenfranchised and disempowered we had become in our own nation.

The Communist Party of Australia was definitely there in attendance, we have several photographs, with their banner prominently displayed and ‘activists’ handing out reactionary and hateful Anti-White leaflets. We wonder what the true, rank and file, trade unionists think about their assets, paid for largely through hard earned union dues, being used to subsidise the indulgence of political dilettantes like Darp and to help organise blatantly Anti-Australian activities such as the circus that performed in front of Town Hall.


Peter Watson said...

Have you ever been to the Communist Party central office in Buckingham Street? Their office is very big and it must cost them a lot of money to rent it. When I visited the CPA office back in April last year, they had about nine people working there. All of them were fully paid employees of the Party. They were full time employees. Now how does the Communist Party pay them? The Party National Organiser told me that the Party only has over 400 members. The membership fee is $60 for fully employed people and $30 for pensioners, unemployed and students. So, the Communist Party would only get a few ten thousand dollars as membership revenue. But the Party would be spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on employing people and paying the rent. The Party National Organiser told me that the Party was losing money on the Guardian. In other words, the Guardian is costing the Party more money than what it gets in return. So, where is the Communist Party getting it's money from?

Whitelaw Towers said...

Go get them mate. Send what ever you have to us.