Tuesday, March 23, 2010

9% Productions! Limited Edition 2009 Florida Hammerfest CD

Live cd showcasing the bands performing at the 2009 Florida Hammerfest, bands included- Rebel Hell, Deaths Head/Kilgore, Attack, Definite hate, 13 Knots, Caucazoids, Point Blank and Midtown Bootboys.

17 tracks capturing all the raw energy of one of the premiere annual US shows.

This is a professionally produced slimline cd limited to only 200 copies worldwide exclusive to 9% Productions.

$10 in Australia
$12 International
postage paid.

Hear a sample

And don't forget Hammerfest 2010 on the Gold Coast next month! More info HERE.


Beware inflitraitors. said...
Black Block “@narchist” battle dress. Memetic weaponry to be delivered with extreme prejudice and housed in cubic structure adorning the cranium. Ordinance delivery system is via Tongue extant within cranial WormHole. Camouflaged with self effacing “humor”.
Germany ? Where has it gone.

It is now a synagogue state.
search terms “wurzburg cathedral menorah”

SooperDoopa Intaamallekshul said...

The tefillin is a cube. It is symmetrical and three dimensional..It is comprised of 6 planes and as a cube has 8 points of sorts...

The Chosen are into numbers, particular where there's cash or dead people involved....If we divide the two numbers with 6 dividing into 8, we end up with an unlucky 13.33333333....If we divide 13.33333 by 2, the number of original numbers, then we end up with .66666666666....a beastial number the closely relates to 6 000 000 which has lots of sixes in it too.

Back to the Black Block...If one imagines, in 3 dimensional terms, star points growing out of the planes of the cube, we would end up with a 3D Magen David...

Now to the skull cap.

On the subject of the J_wish Skullcap, I'm mighty sure I saw a link on an On@narchist site to a youtube vid where it was implied that the poster desired to use a portion of Tom Metzger's noggin' as a mug of sorts..Hope fully Tom’s Noggin was not damaged in the Mad Baseball Batter attack and rendered in effective to it new owner occupier in its destined purpose. On the video, the vampires were almost salivating at the prospect. The message seemed to suggest that the scalpers were Kosher and thirsty.
Could this be what the Yarmulke or skullcap signifies, sort of like eating Haman's ears on Purim, you get to wear the skeletal body parts of those who'll not be Noachide ?
Does wearing a piece of someone else's scone on your own impart to the wearer the intelligence and "Power" of the dead person ? Do cubic structures magnify the effect....? Does tin foil amplify or attenuate the effect.. Show we take medications for our condition.

This scribbler is not a “Christian” but more into secrets, mysteries, fraternities and those ritual self abusives who seek “power” through having “secrets” and the propagation of mischief and mayhem.