Friday, March 26, 2010

Australian New Nation Boat Report 2010

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Here's boat number 29 for 2010 -

Another asylum (invader) boat intercepted


A boat carrying asylum seekers
(invaders) has been intercepted in waters north-west of Australia.

The boat was stopped west of the Ashmore Islands last night.

The Federal Government says
94 passengers (invaders) and three crew members are on board.

The group will be taken to Christmas Island for health and security checks.

Three other boats that have been detected in recent days are also on their way to the island's detention centre.

The Government says
the centre has space for just over 80 more people (invaders).


That takes the tally to 29 boats carrying 1,409 invaders and 70 smugglers that have illegally entered Australian waters up to yesterday in just 83 days of 2010. This number is already over half of the invaders that came to our shores during the entire year of 2009 and we are not yet three months into 2010. How many do you think will come this year?

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