Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Australian New Nation. The Invasion - Boat Report 2010. Number 18

Here's boat number 18 for 2010 -

'Asylum-seeker' (invader) boat intercepted north of Ashmore Island


AN airforce plane has spotted a boat of suspected asylum seekers
(invaders) north of Australia.

Minister for Home Affairs Brendan O'Connor said
47 passengers (invaders) were on board the vessel, which was intercepted by the HMAS Glenelg after being sighted north of Ashmore Island this afternoon.

It's the
18th boat carrying suspected asylum seekers (invaders) to arrive in Australian waters this year.

The group is on its way to detention facilities on Christmas Island
(holiday resort) for security, identity and health checks (as well as to sign up for a lifetime of Centrelink benefits and public housing while Australians get to foot the bill).

There are reports some asylum seekers
(invaders) are living in tents on Christmas Island (Am I supposed to shed a tear for these unarmed invaders? How about Australians who are forced to live on the streets because of a lack of public housing while these things get a free ride from day one?).

The Federal Opposition has accused the Government of going soft on border protection and
rolling out the red carpet for asylum seekers (invaders).

But Mr O'Connor said difficult situations around the world were pushing many displaced people to look for new homes in countries like Australia.
(The lure of a free ride is what is bringing them here and really who would blame them? The traitors in parliament need to be held accountable for creating this problem.)

"The Australian Government remains vigilant and committed to protecting Australia's borders," he said.
(What a load of CRAP! Anyone with an IQ higher than room temperature knows that you and your fabian marxist government are full of it.)


In the 62 days of 2010 18 boats carrying 910 invaders have made their way illegally into Australian waters.

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Noachideous said...

It is always the same. Feign that it was a 'mistake' so as to initiate a desired change....The multicultural hordes will silently back them up thinking.."The future of Australia is with us now. Who wants this ANZAC mumbo jumbo any more ? Its a vestige of an anachronistic "White Australia" and is completely irrelevant to Australia today. "

Meanwhile, the Jew smiles quietly with its nasty thin lips. It knows its diasporisation will work on the ignorant masses who are illumined by the Menorahic "light" of Judasism.

When the Jewish establishment atttend an ANZAC ceremony, it is not a solemn occasion for them, but a celebration, though you'd never know by looking at their facile faces and listening to the empty platitudes that slither from their serpentile mouths.