Saturday, March 06, 2010

Australian New Nation. The Invasion - Boat Report 2010

Christmas Island detainee population to double: report


The Federal Opposition says the Government needs to come clean on how many asylum seekers (invaders) it is expecting to come to Christmas Island.

The Australian newspaper is reporting that the Government has begun a secret audit of the island after predicting the detainee population will reach 5,000 by 2014. (Since most of them only stay on the island for 90 days before they are given a free ride at our expense for life that means Chairman KRudd's government is expecting 5,000 invaders per quarter or 20,000 a year!)

Opposition Immigration Scott Morrison says it shows the current immigration policy has failed.
(It is not immigration it is an invasion!)

"But at the moment they're not being honest with the Australian people about how big this problem has become on their watch and how much bigger the problem is going to become on their watch because of their own policies," he said.

"The Government needs to address their own policy failures in this area and that's what will stop the boats."
(What will stop the boats is the proper defence of our borders!)

Immigration Minister Chris Evans has held talks with the local shire on securing land to house an increasing number of staff at the detention centre.

But a spokesman for Mr Evans has denied the figures are accurate.


For what it's worth I'm predicting over 10,000 unarmed invaders to come by boat this year.

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