Friday, March 05, 2010

BNP Salutes Asian Anti-Fascist as first Ethnic Member

Source Final Conflict.

For a party that has been "forced" (I prefer acquiesced) into accepting non-Whites as members, the following members bulletin rather revels in the joy of accepting "patriotic" coloureds.

We are even treated to the example of an heroic anti-fascist Asian who raised troops to fight on the bankers' side in a needless Brothers war.

But it's OK, you see because he hates "murderous Islam."

How pathetic! How utterly reprehensible and cowardly to suggest that Asians can be "patriotic Brits" if they are still engaged in their own tribal wars on our shores.

Will we have the beauties of Hinduism, with its murderous caste-system, explained to us? or how about the multi-culti Sikh religion? Let's not even mention Judaism, with its obscene hatred of all things Christian.

Get your sick bucket ready.

Do bear in mind that all this has been carefully orchestrated, with Mr. Unpronounceable (how's that for treating someone like a token?) hand-picked to be Ethnic No. 1, ahead of any envelope landing with £25 from Mohammed Islam.

Meanwhile our comrades in the Balkans and Eastern Europe (was he serving with the Red Army?) must thank Mr. Unspellable for marching his Asian Horde across their lands. We can only assume no patriots from those lands were killed by Mr. Token in his efforts to 'fight fascism.'

Mr. Griffin capitalises his w
ords "WE COULD DO WITH A FEW MORE LIKE AMIN AL HUSSEINI"be careful what you wish for Mr. Griffin. There are plenty more Asians out there, and they may make your wish come true.

BNP monthly bulletin
February 2010

Fellow Patriots;

As our GREAT PARTY adapts and adjusts to the new Membership Rules FORCED UPON US by the snivelling, cowardly, Marxist LibLabCon Elite, I'm PROUD to announce that we are preparing to WELCOME (in a manner of speaking) our FIRST ETHNIC MEMBER.

This gentleman, whose name is long and unpronounceable – and certainly impossible to SPELL!- has long been a friend to our BAND OF BROTHERS, and will, I'm sure, prove himself a MOST USEFUL MARKETING TOOL in our EPIC STRUGGLE against the FORCES OF DARKNESS, motivated, as he is, by A LOVE OF HIS (or OUR) COUNTRY, allied to a good degree of identity confusion, a profound lack of intelligence and a murderous hatred of Islam.

Of course, we must remember now (because we've conveniently forgotten before) the DEBT OF GRATITUDE owed by OUR GREAT NATION to Ethnics who, in time of war, have RALLIED TO THE BANNER!

One such HERO was the great Amin Al Husseini who, in 1941, during our darkest days, travelled from his dusty homeland to JOIN THE FIGHT against THE SPREADING DARKNESS.

Eventually, Mr Al Husseini MADE HIS MARK in history by recruiting THOUSANDS of his fellow countrymen to the Cause, forming units who served WITH DISTINCTION in North Africa, the Balkans and Eastern Europe.

Nick Griffin
Party Chairman

Winning at any cost is not an option!

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