Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Bolton Case. Punches another hole in @ndy & FDB

For some strange reason (nobody told us) Whitelaw Towers missed this one from late last year. Okay, so it’s a little late perhaps but better late than never.

The following comes from the New Zealand Broadcasting Standards Authority Report on a complaint lodged by Mr. Kerry Bolton against Radio New Zealand and its ‘Ideas’ program.

Complaint under section 8(1B)(b)(i) of the Broadcasting Act 1989

Sunday with Chris Laidlaw – host interviewed sociologist about anti-Semitic fringe groups in New Zealand that were seeking to deny or downplay the extent of the Holocaust – interviewee made statements about an individual who he said was a Holocaust denier – allegedly inaccurate.


Standard 5 (accuracy) – item was a factual programme – interviewee made statements of fact that were material to topic under discussion – accusations extremely serious – broadcaster did not make reasonable efforts to assess the veracity of the accusations – upheld by majority.

Taken in a longer term historical context Mr. Bolton is perhaps the worst choice for targeting with their peculiar form of harassment that the FDB group ever made. His credentials as a ‘Neo-Nazi’ or ‘Fascist’ are, well, dodgy to say the least. That he is, broadly speaking, an eccentric, is quite clear. As an apparent dilettante of what is generically referred to as The Occult, he has certainly dabbled in various ‘Black Arts’ but his politics are similarly somewhat obscure and there is ample room for him to out-manoeuvre his adversaries with plausible deniability on such subject matter as Racialism.

The FDB goons were always grasping at smoke with someone like Mr. Bolton and his rather eclectic as well as esoteric tastes, so why their knee jerk reactionary approach? Were these so-called AntiFa activists primarily enraged purely because they believe that THEY have the monopoly on eccentric Intellectuals and Academics?

We suppose though that when one’s main area of literary expertise lies, as it does with FDB, in puerile teasing and lowbrow attempts at humour rather than one of intellectually rigorous research and study then Mr. Bolton’s rather colourful character was irresistible to these notorious keyboard clowns.

Strangely, inexplicably perhaps (or not) in the footnotes section of the New Zealand Broadcasting Standards Authority Report which made findings in favour of the complainant there is a link to the Criminal ‘Fight Dem Back’ group’s website and their smear piece on Mr. Bolton thusly;

[18] Dr. Hamilton contended that there were a number of references in the media and on the internet that attested to the fact that Mr. Bolton was closely associated with Toben's Institute. As an example, Dr Hamilton referred to the Waikato students' magazine Nexus which he said ran a collection of quotes from Mr. Bolton, including quotes from texts he published on the Adelaide Institute’s website. Dr. Hamilton also stated that, in 2006, Mr. Bolton's connections with the Adelaide Institute were the subject of a lengthy article on the “Fightdemback Website” called “Kerry and the Holocaust deniers”.1 The article discussed the Adelaide Institute, Holocaust denial and Mr Bolton’s material on the Institute’s website. He said the site specialised in analysing the far right in Australia.

One is left wondering if, in the face of such negative findings, it is wise for a government instrumentality to seemingly persist in referencing utterly discredited and indeed criminal entities as ‘sources’.

‘Dr.’ Hamilton, as it turns out, is a real ‘piece of work’ in fine AntiFa tradition. His name is Scott Hamilton and, according to his ‘Metapedia’ entry he is a Trotskyist Communist, a Zionist and a serial cyber stalker/bully. Phew! With impeccable credentials such as those he should be a member of FDB himself, if he isn’t already.

So, essentially, there is really nothing overly remarkable about the characters or details in this case. We have a Government Media outlet in a ‘Western Democracy’ (Read: Left Wing hive) broadcasting a program written, produced and presented by Left Wing Jews who, under the pretence of the title ‘The Holocaust in Popular Culture’ waste no time in extending the parameters of the terms of reference for the subject matter to character assassination and gutter level political smear while referencing other Left Wing Jews as ‘experts’ and ‘sources’.

In radio speak, it’s a phase locked loop, total control of the input and output signal.

Tune in, turn on and… obey…

No need to overcomplicate matters with time wasted on checking facts or indulging in contrary opinion or right of reply. Just keep that old Holocaust steamroller movin’ on down the highway.

Only the result is unusual in that the finding was in favour of the victim of Red harassment, a rare occurrence indeed.

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