Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Communist Red Army Was in Fact Jewish! - David Duke


Anonymous said...

damn it I hate jews!

Anonymous said...

“The Communist Red Army Was in Fact Jewish! - David Duke”
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WLT NSW said...

Anonymous said...
damn it I hate jews!
12:42 PM

Ha! Ha! Ha!

Yeah! Good on ya Mick!

Anonymous said...

Ya'll be pleased to know that the NSW judiciary share similar values with the "Australian" Jewish community. Harmony day is coming up soon, where we can all commune together in the shadow of the Red Jewish Army of the Judas.

The Jews seem to feel that the world is their oyster and they its Pearl....The reality is that they are the parasitic foreign irritant, and the Pearl material is that which is layered to contain and ghettoise the Jews so as to ameliorate their corrosive effects. The Gentiles beautify this world despite the Jews natural urge to render it a depraved wasteland. "Tikkun Olam" they call it. The existential manifestation of Menorahic Madness.
Every Gentile invention is seized by the Jews and used to surveil and damage the interests of the Gentiles..

They're a Sad and Sorry lot these "Jews".

Noachideous said...

I like this AngerFan feller Mr Whitelaw.
He knows the Jew and probably also knows that the Jew covets the destruction of all Gentile Races.

So as to manufacture the "Goyim".

After all isn't "racism" a genocidal eugenic imperative Memetically infused into 'Judasism'.

The Jew speaks with a clattering forked and inverted tongue..When it whispers rattlesnake "racism" , it actually implies that we are hindering the genocidal imperative.

These serpents slither unhindered about the minds of the gullible and the innocent.

Anonymous said...

Everything they touch turns to Shite...and all because they honestly believe they're Chosen, and predisposed to grandiose magnificence and vainglorioius perfection. None of their ideas could ever possibly be harmful to anyone else, could they...Is not "G_d" perfect, and the "Jews" the existential manifestation of G_d ?
The danger is that their skills in f***ing up the world become leveraged when they achieve governance....Go back to your Ghettoes, Shuls, SinaMagogs and leave the rest of us the hell alone..We don't want to participate in your religion as either "Goyim" or "Noachide"...We don't want or need're irrelevant, so you must foist yourselves upon us to achieve relevance.