Monday, March 01, 2010

Deja Vu?

Way back on Monday the 8th of August 2005 Mathew Henderson-Hau aka ‘Darp’ founder of the criminal Anarchist Fight Dem Back group, sent an E-Mail to a certain Terry (co-founder of the now defunct W.P.C.A.). In it he made some pretty wild allegations about the co-founder of Whitelaw Towers which, were the roles reversed, Darp would almost certainly have labelled as ‘batshit’. This is a term FDB’ers employ on a tiresomely regular basis to sneer at anything they would prefer not to hear, regardless of its credibility or validity.

“I know Jim is a guy with a messed up past and more issues than MAD magazine but running away isn't going to help him. Would it really be so hard for the guy to just get on with the business of fighting windfarms and shooting roos and leaving all the detrimental NS shit behind him? He's off the junk, away from the gangs, why not leave the last vestiges (ie, his politics) of a very fucked up life in the past and just get on with things?”

‘Jim’ was never a campaigner against windfarms although there WAS another bloke in the same town whose name was also Jim who WAS. Sadly, this poor bastard was bashed by Aborigines in a classic case of mistaken identity when local Blacks, revved up on disinformation from the likes of FDB and their local supporters, decided this evil wicked ‘Nazi’ needed to be ‘taught a lesson’. So you see, ‘Mick Dundee’, it can be very foolish and dangerous to spread lies about people. Sometimes, innocents, caught in the crossfire, get hurt.

“Jim’ was also never a drug user, let alone a needle jockey.

‘Jim’ was never in a ‘gang’ unless you believe the Pleece Farce and its preposterous claims that the membership of all One Percenter Motorcycle Clubs are made up entirely of Gangsters.

Then today THIS tripe appears on the A.P.P.’s so-called ‘Australian Identity Forums’:

March 01, 2010, 11:26:35 AM
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“It appears my "ranting" has made the delusional drug addicts at WTT feel they need to justify themselves. No guys, you aren't Nazis, you just can't write a paragraph without mentioning Jews. Somebody get this guy his Methodone, followed by a syringe - 10mls of Largactyl.”

One seriously has to wonder whether ‘Mick Dundee’ has been trawling the archives for info on ‘Jim’ and has come across the toxic garbage disseminated by FDB and friends and vexatiously perpetuated by others and decided it must be true and he’d run with it.

OR there is another possibility. Our ‘Mick’ has been around longer than it seems and has actually worked with the Left previously. Hmmm! Food for thought. Either way, it’s a clear case of outright malicious defamation. Who are you ‘Mick’? We’d like to meet you and have a chat.

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