Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fredrick Toben and Stephen Lendman with Mathaba Go Live on Censorship

Must listen to event!

On Saturday April 3, Mathaba Go Live will be hosting a live online event to discuss censorship and the need for free independent media, with Mathaba Analyst and advocate for human rights and freedoms, Stephen Lendman, as well as Dr Fredrick Toben, recently imprisoned multiple times for `thought crimes` for daring to question the `six million` holocaust official version.

The public are invited to join in the one hour event, which starts at 13.00 GMT on Saturday April 3rd, or 8.00am U.S. Eastern Standard time, or 11.30pm South Australian time.

The discussion will be on censorship of the media and the dangers to freedom that this presents, an area of great concern to Mathaba as an independent news agency advocating human rights and freedoms.

In Australia, censorship is approaching levels comparable to China, with Google recently having criticised the country for setting dangerous precedents that could negatively impact upon other countries such as the USA.

In Australia, the Human Rights Commission, instead of upholding human rights and focusing on real human rights abuses within the country, chose to support the jailing of Dr Toben, of German origin, a gentleman who has never harmed anyone, on the basis that his website which is critical of the official Holocaust version, be shut down.

Mathaba believes that socialists, democrats, anarchists, nationalists, freedom strugglers, human rights champions, and advocates of human progress no matter what their political persuasion, left, right, or centre, and people of all faiths, should unite in opposing limits upon the freedom of expression on the

There are already safeguards in place for content that may be offensive, to be only visible after passing warnings to viewers who agree to view that content, and there are many other safeguards available to parents to ensure that minors are protected from viewing unsuitable content for children.

We contend that the Internet is more like the extension of the mind, and that restriction of human thought, is an extreme oppression and dictatorship. We contend that the
print media, is very different, in that printed copies lie around in public for years, and that the need for society to decide what is acceptable to be in print of the national press, does not apply to the Internet.

No matter your view, we invite you to question the panelists, and post your comments during the live show. Comments will be moderated and appear at various times during the show, but we will publish all comments during the show that are written in polite tone of respect.

We hope you will also participate if, like us, you are concerned about the worrisome developments in Australia that threaten the Internet, freedom of thought and expression, and which would only force free thinkers to host their
web sites elsewhere.

So that you do not miss the event, we recommend that you sign up for an email reminder (addresses are NOT retained or used again) on the page below, which is also where you will be able to view, and participate in the live event:

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