Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I bet I can find 5000 people who hate antifa

Here is a nice find on Facebook. "I bet I can find 5000 people who hates antifa" HERE

I bet he can, but we will give him a plug anyway. Here is how they have described their group.

actions speaks louder than words!

Communism has killed 110 million people, there is therefore 110 million reasons to fight back against communism and anarchism. Millions and millions have been enslaved under Communism, millions of women have been raped during communism.

Today persecuted people around the world, because they love their people and theirs country, cowardly attacks that try to scare people into silence. AntiAntifa doing an important job on the street, not for money or fame, and usually they do not receive the appreciation they really deserve.

14! The fight continues.

They have a rather good collection of links and plenty of pics. Enjoy.


WLT NSW said...

AntiFa HA!HA!

The video of the Immigrants kicking the AntiFa's arses was BRILLIANT!

Why are people so unkind?

How Embarrasment!


As @ndy would say...

Oh Noes!

Good value.

Anonymous said...

Right, you give reasons to hate communism and I agree with you that communism is a bad theory, but it has nothing to do with anarchism... So you have no reason to hate anarchism, the only step forward for you guys are hating yourself, fascism is by far the worst, selfdestructing theory ever created.

Whitelaw Towers said...

Can you actually do any thinking for yourself? Or do you just mouth what you are told to say. Turn off the History channel and go to a library.

Foot Solider said...

why should people hate anarchism? for starters, anarchism and marxist socialism are closely linked. anarchism is utopian socialism where as marxist socialism is scientific socialism. both anarchism and communism advocate the abolition of nation states and the abolition of classes. so, you both want a classless stateless world that is only made up of one society, one culture and a population of mixed race people with no ethnicity. further, anarchists have used terrorism in order to attempt to over throw nation states and to destroy the independence and sovereignty of many different nations.