Monday, March 01, 2010

I See Nutzis...

From the A.P.P.’s so-called ‘Australian Identity Forums:

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Re: The real Dr. Jim Saleam
« Reply #120 on: February 28, 2010, 07:29:23 PM »

“If the nutzis want to stop the "White anting" then they should stop giving folks like the WLT cretin such a loose rein. But seriously if your "Movement" can be seriously damaged by a few people talking on the net then you may have bigger problems than you think.”

We’d like to make a few observations Luke. The right of reply and quaint concepts like that, you know.

The staff here at WLT have only ever personally met two or possibly three individuals who would qualify as so-called ‘nutzis’. You appear to be labouring under the lurid delusion that there are legions of ‘Illinois Nazis’ (as in The Blues Brothers movie) goosestepping about this wide brown land. Where is the evidence? You really should cease reading FDB and slackbastard. They are not credible sources.

Not only ARE you a ‘White Ant’ but you are also, most definitely, a Piss Ant.

For everybody’s information, the A.P.P. pretty much currently holds the monopoly licence on ‘cretins’.

NOBODY ‘reins’ in WLT when it comes to the execution of our stated mission, nobody. We are, despite some wild claims (conspiracy theories?) to the contrary, independent and will continue to ‘call it as we see it’ until either online censorship or the death of the Internet itself sees an end to our project.

Unlike the A.P.P. there are no puppet masters, no dark overlords, no hidden operators or handlers at WLT. Whitelaw Towers has a clear and open mission to expose the enemies of the White Race including the frauds, liars and charlatans of false ‘Australian Nationalism’. There are no secret ‘investors’ with hidden agendas in this mission. Unlike the false flag, psi-op of A.P.P. there are no sinister claws lurking up sleeves, just open hands, cards on the table. We were here before you and will be here long after you have gone. You are just players, we are stayers.

Your last point, if we have interpreted it correctly, is essentially true. Unfortunately though, the undermining of White Nationalism by the likes of A.P.P. goes a little further than the puerile doggerel you post on the ‘net. Also, in this age of image and perception over reality, the dissemination of twisted Zionist dogma by A.P.P. does have a damaging effect on the truth. Although the truth will always come out, it can still suffer damage from distortion and suppression. In other words a little mud always sticks.

That is why WLT acts as a pressure washer of sorts to blast away the caked on mud of lies and deception and to expose the truth to those with the wisdom to recognise it. We fully understand our methods are often crude and offensive to those who would obscure the truth with fork tongued political sophistry but, to paraphrase and old saying, don’t talk shit or ask for credit on your lies as a smack in the mouth can often offend.

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