Monday, March 29, 2010

Murder South African style.

This is simply disgusting...

A Pretoria schoolgirl who stayed at home with an ear infection was stabbed to death and had her hands chopped off, reports Beeld newspaper.

The father of the 17-year-old Anika Smit found her naked body at their home at Theresa Park in northern Pretoria on Monday afternoon when he returned from work.

“When I saw the overturned chairs in the dining room, I knew something was wrong. I called her, but she did not answer,” said Johan Smit, 54.

Moments later he found his daughter’s body in her bedroom.

“She was lying on the floor, without clothes. Both her hands were cut off and gone, they must have taken it with them.”

“The police told me she was stabbed six times in the neck. They are investigating the possibility that she was raped,” said Smit.

Police spokesman Constable William Mahlaole said a post mortem would be conducted to find out if she was raped.

Smith lived alone with his daughter, who was a Grade 11 pupil at Hoƫrskool Gerrit Maritz in Pretoria.

This happened just days after Julius Malema (ANCYL) sang” Shoot the boers, they are rapists”

“It is our understanding that the Youth League claims this song should be seen within a political context and that it has no physical or emotional affect on whites or Afrikaners,” Roets said.

AfriForum was therefore providing the list of victims to show that singing the song may have consequences. “This is not a game of cowboys and crooks. People are being murdered while Julius Malema is singing and sipping champagne.”

South Africa is in a state of siege with regards to crime with more than 18 000 murders a year. Just consider the following on farm attacks: From 1991 until March 2010 there were 2538 farm attacks in which 1396 people died.


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Anonymous said...

I hope Bono, Geldof, Sting and all the other cunts who subverted aparthied are happy now. ONce the walls were torn down, the savages went to town.

Problem is that even if they did know(i.e the mainstream ZOG press) actually reported these crimes in the West, they wouldn't even care.