Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Nationalist Alternative strike again!

Well readers here is something that will inspire you to get out there and get a bit more active. Once again we see stunning proof of the hypocritical nature of the Fascist Anti fascist and the Australian Left Wing. Its the best laugh I have had in ages.

Protesters chant: "No room for racists."
(When She/Males attack.)

Opponents of the Federal Government's internet filter plan faced unexpected controversy in Perth on Saturday, when an anti-immigration group joined the 'National Day of Action'. (Nat Alt HERE)

Events were organised in Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane by the Stop the Filter group, which hoped to raise public awareness of ISP-level internet censorship.

An estimated 300 people attended the protest in Forrest Place, Perth, organisers said. The event kicked off at noon and wound down at around 2pm.

Speeches by Curtin University lecturer Mike Kent, Ben Peterson of the Socialist Alliance, Mark Walmsley of the Liberal Democratic Party, and Scott Ludlam of the Greens had been organised.

However, as Ludlam delivered his keynote speech, members of Perth's Nationalist Alternative group unfurled their flag above the stage.

"There was a little bit of controversy," Stop the Filter organiser Trish Zanetti told iTnews.

"We had members of the Nationalist Alternative Group turn up. They put this racist banner up right above the stage," she said.

Zanetti said that Nationalist Alternative members were "made to feel really unwelcome", with some Stop the Filter protesters chanting: "No room for racists."

Other attendees argued that it was hypocritical of the organisers to censor and expel the Nationalist Alternative group. ( that would be the majority)

However, Zanetti said that Nationalist Alternative had been distributing its own, unrelated literature and were attempting to "hijack" Stop the Filter's event. (hahahahahahaha)

"Have you ever thought what it must feel like to be a migrant and be confronted with banners like that when you come out ... in support of an event against an internet filter?" she wrote in the Stop the Filter forums.

"When dealing with this sort of thing, you have to make decisions based on the big picture - things aren't always black and white.

"We don't support people who oppress others with their words. That is not censorship -- it is human rights," she said. (crap)

Zanetti told iTnews that the rally continued as planned after the Nationalist Alternative group left. Organisers collected "hundreds of signatures" for petitions to the Senate and House of Representatives.

At the State Library in Melbourne, organisers reported having received 300 attendees, aged between 18 and 70 and from various backgrounds (pictured, photo gallery).

Nearly 300 signatures were collected for a petition to the Senate that was organised by Electronic Frontiers Australia (EFA).

Speeches were delivered by representatives of the Greens, EFA, Pirate Party, Exit International and Australian Sex Party, and were well received by attendees, according to Stop the Filter spokesperson Peter C. Hayward.

A few attendees also addressed the crowd publicly, including a concerned parent and an immigrant from Russia who spoke about the importance of freedom of speech.

Attendees also carried posters that read: "Church state: where is the line?", "Senator Conroy doesn't speak for us", and "Get your rosaries off my binaries".

Zanetti said that Stop the Filter planned to host more anti-censorship rallies, and had joined a nationwide "coalition" of anti-filter groups in hopes of coordinating more national events.

Well folks there you have it. This is not about hate speech its about the left feeling very threatened by a group that is more appealing to many of our youth. Nice job guys. I cant wait to see the fall out from this.


Anonymous said...

Examine the vid at the base of the page above...Its for Gentile primary school kids..
The confronting BullDyke Behemoth in the NA vid would probably stink that there are no subliminals in the message for the innocent Kiddies.

To suspect anything is "fascism"...

The normalising of animalian Jeugenics, (The engineered and purposeful destruction of Gentile races) is again apparent.....The female appears to be of African Caribbean origin and the male an indigenous UK local. All used to assault the innocence of our kids...@ndy the Zionist anarchist, who appears to agree with every Zionist imperative concerning the destiny of Gentile races, would think that it is all Kosher....and, as a Zionist Jeugenecyst, he'd be as right as he is Kollaboratively Kosher.....

WLT NSW said...

Okay, so it IS 'funny' on one level. I mean to say, there is ALWAYS a FAT UGLY BULL DYKE at EVERY Red rally/demo/riot.

Without exception.

It's uncanny.

Is there a secret training camp somewhere producing these things?

The maddest thing about THIS example is that it was not even THEIR gig! Arbitrary censorship, particularly of the Internet is FAR more likely to disempower the so-called RIGHT WING entities.

BUT, as all White Nationalists know and indeed as any decent, moral and intelligent person would realise, if the roles were reversed and this were (Heaven Forbid) a so-called 'Right Wing Fascist' demo and some fat fuck of a 'Neo-Nazi' had attacked and actually headbutted a Left Wing Red, egged on by a comrade yelling "Kill these three cunts!" then there would have been HELL to pay!

Can there be a plainer example of incitement to murder? And IF one of the NA people HAD been seriously injured or even worse, then what?

And, you know what people, they can ONLY keep getting away with it while ever we try and engage them from within OUR moral/ethical framework.

We MUST (sadly) descend to their level and get smart by being authoritarian, legalistic and litigious.

These scum don't 'fight' fair so why should we?

Forget nation wide.

This video needs to go GLOBAL.

People need to be absolutely hammered with this type of imagery until they finally WAKE THE FUCK UP to who the real villains are.

Sick, twisted Marxist, Homosexual, Transgender, predatory paedophile Reds who OWN our kids from daycare, let alone Kindergarten !!!

Anonymous said...

This is too funny! lol

The thing about the left is they have many nutters in their ranks with no self control.

So all I can suggest is to do what NA did. Carry a digital camera at all times, so you can get them on tape when they are up to their funny business and use the evidence to bring more people to our side!

And most importantly, keep your sense of humor. :)

Now I'm off to email this vid to all my friends.

bushranger said...

The biggest joke is their accusation that the NA were attempting to "hijack" the event.

I am old enough to remember the Nuclear Disarmament Party (NDP) which involved ol' Peter Garrett. The reds DID hijack that Party and it collapsed. I remember the reds at the time bragging to me about how they were taking it over and they were going to call the shots.

The NA banner was very simple, effective and plain commonsense. Faced with the truth the left resorts to their usual tactics of denying freedom of thought or expression.

Anonymous said...

Good work NA This reminds me of knowing a couple of SA One Nationers highjacked a greenie demo in Adelaide late last yr. You can read about it it on SA ON web site.

A Zionist Jew Ideed said...

The Jewish "Anarchist" has done a Poof piece on the NA...The "Anarchist" thinks it "racist" to oppose those who would see the rest of us devitalised.

“ the presence of Israel among the nations mends the world, but not the nations of the world….it does not bring the nations closer to holiness, but rather extracts the holiness from them and thereby destroys their ability to exist. The purpose of the full redemption is to destroy the vitality of all the peoples.. (Judaism Discovered pp 775)

CJB has made it quite clear that Judaism demands the genocidal elimination of all of those not "Jewish"..The world, or any part of it, is apparently not ours, except of course as Arse Licking Noachide slaves to Judaic Anarchist Fascists.

Surely the ontologically exceptional and intrinsically magnificent @ndy GoldenMan understands this, but chooses not to comment because he is likely a complicit collaborator in the engineered demise of everyone else.

The "Anarchist" is nothing more than one or more of a Kosher Kapo Kooperative amongst Gentile Anarchists sent to maintain the momentum and police the ignorance of their direction.

RainBowBoy said...

Its palliative care day for brain addled, targetted for euthanasia,United Noahides coming up peoples.. Seven colors of the Rainbow for the Seven Laws of Noah.

A 4 year old kid can discriminate the differences between the races..He can see, and in his complete innocence,as yet unadulterated by malevolent Judaics, he'd tell you so. There'd be no value judgement like there is in Judaism where Judaism teaches their kids that they're "Chosen" and of a higher value than Gentiles..The Gentile kid would say they look different.
So that he'd not be able to "discriminate" slippery Weasels are doing there best to mix up the races as a prelude to their elimination. Then, in true Jude speak, there'll be no discrimination, 'cause there'll be no races, and ultimately no Gentiles....Only "Jews". For recognising this, we're "Anti-Semites"....

Anonymous said...

That bulldyke looks like one of the Fat Slags from Viz magazine.

As a Hat full of Arseholes said...

That psychotic Bovine BullDyke needed roping, restraining with a knee to the neck, then, after removing its putrified lower garments to expose its ample and FlabbyDimplyButtocks, the application of a White Hot branding iron with Swastika insignia...

This would have immediately rendered the Bolshevik Beast catatonic with a RED Rothschild Rage that would have required a calculated and coordinated escape by its new Nationalist owners....

As a newly aquired Golem Zombie for Gentile causes, the Trollop could then be set upon its former Goblin owners as required.