Tuesday, March 16, 2010

People in Glass Houses…

The so-called ‘Australian’ Protectionist Party is the home of the dregs for good reason.

It was as ultimately essential as it was inevitable that these creatures would have to form their own ‘alternative’ party, an ‘alternative’ to real White Nationalism. Has nobody asked themselves what drives a group to be so shrill and spiteful in their condemnation of the Racial/Cultural integrity of real White Nationalists? Just like their role models at ‘Fight Dem Back’ they are driven by a genetic imperative because just like ‘FDB’ their leadership are mongrels and traitors.

Why does WLT make this claim? Well, so far, the credentials as ‘White’ Nationalists of all of the people in the A.P.P. leadership have failed to stand up to scrutiny. This is the key to why they have this vitriolic hatred of White Nationalists. The entire kerfuffle over the ‘Jewish question’/Zionist supporter matter is a deliberate smokescreen to divert attention from the sinister facts about their personal lives.

They have people who have no idea of their family tree so, therefore, cannot validate their Racial credentials, people married to Asians, people with Aboriginal sisters, people with Mulatto children, people who have assisted and actually billeted illegal immigrants, specifically Asians, and habitual Marijuana users. Ah! Yes ‘Mick’, didn’t you know that? On the hypocrisy side of things, the A.P.P. are a gift every bit as good as F.D.B. with one of their senior members having a friend who is a member of the Ian Stuart Fan Club. So…erm…what was all that again about despising so-called ‘Neo-Nazis’ and ‘White Power Skinhead’ types?

Listen to the TRUTH people. Don’t believe us? Think we’re making it up? Well, join the A.P.P. for yourself and go to their meetings and chat with their leaders. You might be in for some nasty little surprises. The so-called ‘Australian’ Protectionist Party is the damaged goods warehouse of Australian Politics led by down at heel, low rent Race Traitors. It's all cheap suits, room temperature I.Q.'s and mealy mouthed rhetoric.

It really is as plain and simple as that.

These creatures, if left free to recruit, if left free to disseminate their vicious lies, will lead the genuine but misguided people in their membership to a genetic cul de sac, a Multicultural, Racially blended Dystopia. Why? Because the leadership have already accepted, on the quiet, the ‘inevitability’ of Multiculturalism and have already participated in its most vile practices, namely Miscegenation and the decadent indulgence in drugs and other impulsive behaviour. Lacking any integrity whatsoever, they have obsequiously prostrated themselves and genuflected before the altar at the Synagogue of Satan and vowed to inculcate the cult of compromise, sowing the seeds of Racial/Cultural doom among the Goyim.

We recommend that people reading this who are still sceptical about our claims do not take OUR word for it. Study for yourself the strategy and tactics of the J_w. Research how they have, down through the ages of Human history, played their divide and rule game to the detriment of EVERY people on this Earth. Appearing at every point of the Socio-Political spectrum from lowly wandering Gypsies clipping coins and con artists pulling scams all the way to infiltrating the Christian Churches through their 'Conversos', creating Banks demanding usurious interest and insinuating themselves into the Royal Courts, whispering in the ears of Kings and Queens. Causing chaos and confusion wherever they had influence.But you see, from Chaos comes order, THEIR order. Tikkun Olam. 'Repairing' the World or remaking it in their image.

Study the relentlessly employed tactic of ‘Chutzpah’ whereby the perpetrator, the real villain, boldly accuses the victim of the very crime he is committing himself. See how they use false flag operations, straw man arguments, psychological warfare operations against any who dare to stand up to them.

THEN, stepping back to a perspective where you can perceive the bigger picture, look to how the A.P.P. and its clowns perfectly fit the profile of a false flag operation. See how the J_w, dealing with ‘compromised’ misfits has been easily able to manipulate the entire circus like a ringmaster.

Just as in mainstream politics where it is commonplace to ‘get the dirt’ on your allies as well as your enemies, the J_w has hand picked and groomed its Shabbos Goy to form The A.P.P. with most of the leadership probably being largely unaware they were even being so comprehensively owned and used.

You see, the very best false flag operations are those where the participants, at least most of them, think the operation was all THEIR idea. Just as the sad Arab stooges in the 911affair probably truly BELIEVED it was all being 'masterminded' by Muslim good ol' boys and it really was all for the glory of the coming Global Islamic Caliphate. Dopey pricks.

So how does one very quickly determine who was behind any particular stunt? Easy, and it's as surefire as an acid test for precious metals. There is a very old adage that goes 'Cuo Bono?' Who benefits? Well, the Arab World got absolutely SMASHED after 911 with open season being declared on Islam, so THEY did not benefit. The United States' Industrial Military Complex made Zillions on arms sales and the Israelis came out of it looking (at least to the blank generation of TelAvision addicts) like brave and noble 'victims' defending the West's interests in the Middle East.

Join the dots Folks.

Know thine enemy.

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