Sunday, March 28, 2010

The (sub) Genius That Is Darrin .J. Hodges

A suitable case for treatment…

From the Australian Protectionist Party's 'Australian Identity Forums':
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Re: Ethnic Nationalism... not "white nationalism".
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“I will add that it also wasn't Jews running down the Kingsway smashing and bashing everything in their path in December 2005 and it also wasn't Jews gang-raping teenaged girls in western Sydney. The other thing that amuses me is the idea that the existence of Israel is somehow the cause of the Islamic Jihad - such thinking is really the result of people consuming the confected arab propaganda designed to tickle the ears of (generally leftwing) useful idiots in the west - yet these same people are unable to explain what the Arabs were doing in Tours in 732AD.”

How can one possibly hope to reason with a creature who spouts such 'logic'? The short answer is you can not. They are the words of a delusional one track mind. Like Homer Simpson, our Dazzles can only maintain the one train of thought at any given time. This microcephalic moron, this punctilious pinhead who adheres to his woefully simplistic ideology with virtually savant-like obsessiveness, blocking out true reason with the intellectual equivalent of a solar eclipse, he bleats his mantra with metronomic precision. "Zionism goooood. Islam baaaaad."

While this true ‘useful idiot’ parrots the hateful dogma of his masters in the sick Middle Eastern Death Cult known generically as Judaism and sneers at so-called wacky ‘Anti-Semitic’ Conspiracy Theories which expose the truth behind Global Finance he still manages, with no apparent sense of irony, to promote his own utterly absurd Conspiracy Theory that it is the Islamic Arabs who are contriving the Anti-Zionist propaganda utilised by so-called ‘Neo-Nazi Skinheads’!?!?!!!!

Hodges, as we White Nationalists all know, is one seriously twisted unit, possibly suffering substantial brain damage resulting from a severe case of adult Chicken Pox, but this latest ‘revelation’ of his truly takes the biscuit. He is quite clearly mentally deranged and possibly clinically insane.

Someone should also inform his fellow members of the A.P.P. brains trust that this shrill Islamaphobia of theirs is actually the true ‘Anti-Semitism’ and NOT the rhetoric of the Anti-Zionist so-called ‘Neo-Nazi Skinheads’.

Arabs are a Semitic people. Fact.

Arabs originated in the Middle East. Fact.

Jews are largely comprised, racially, of Ashkenazim who are a melange of Mongolic, Tartaric and Turkic tribes originating in part of what is modern day Kazakhstan, formerly known as Khazaria, roughly bounded by the Black, Caspian and Aral Seas, who officially converted to Judaism, by decree of their King (Kagan) Bulan, in the year 861AD and after blending with various Eastern European peoples over the centuries, particularly Hungarians and Slavs, as they wandered, Gypsy-like, into Europe, now speak a bastardised form of German/Hebrew known as Yiddish. These people are NOT ‘Semitic’. Fact.

The Sephardim, who mostly settled in the Iberian peninsula and the adjoining region, are Semitic but comprise no more than ten percent of modern day Jews. Fact.

An explanatory note:

Whitelaw Towers recognises the very real threat of Islamic Terrorism and acknowledge the expansionist nature of the Global Islamic Caliphate and its long term plan to subjugate all who walk the Earth. We know their vile religion is based on violence and hatred and that child abuse, misogyny, cruelty to animals and general brutality are enshrined in their holy books.

However, we will not be distracted or mesmerised by the mere symptomatic features of the crisis facing White Humanity. We refuse to let the J_Ws get away with having the Muslims run decoy for them in the ‘great game’ of Politics. We will resist to the end the urge to take our eye off the ball.

The Muslims are running interference for the J_Ws. Fact.

The Muslims are the symptom. The J_Ws are the disease. Fact.

A final word for the ‘useful idiots’ of the Australian Protectionist Party…

Read some History. Study some Geography. Research some Anthropology.

Get a clue.


Super Chicken said...

They should stop abusing the Chickens.

Free the chickens, and especially the hens...

Singer's a beacon of moral virtue to the enlightened 'Men of the West'..

'I stand with Israel' ( and a blade in my back)

Anonymous said...

Yes, you're right Darrin. But do a just a bit of research, and along with the Catholic Church and others you will see Jewish organisations, especially legal firms, up to their neck in maintaining the status quo of non-discriminitory immigration to Australia.

If I go through your Stormfront posts, I see you were once at the forefront of counter Semitism.

what changed so suddenly?

Whitelaw Towers said...

He was never one of us. He was spying and planting the seeds of destruction. Who was his controller? Mark Wilson head of the APP ex BNP.

Keep in mind while he was posting at SFDU he was also posting at the Jewish Task Force Forum. Ever wonder why they went to so much trouble to delete his posts off the JTF?

Anonymous said...

I guess he is just trying to get Brownie points off the Zionists by helping with the harassment of so called Nazis and supporting Israel and Zionism in the vain hope that they will leave his self styled nationalist organisation alone. After having paid his Judaic Jizya, he expects the Zionists will think that as a nationalist organisation that supports them, they are not a threat.

Well it has not worked, Darrin. The Jewish Council of Australia, Council of Deputies, etc, still lump you in the same category as Australia First. Any nationalist organisation is a threat to their domination of whatever country they are currently taking advantage of, and the APP is no exception.

Get used to the fact that a significant amount of organised opposition to any nationalist group in this country will come from Jewish resourced organisations. Remember, the stolen list of the initial 500 One Nation members were printed in the Australian Jewish News, as you yourself once pointed out on Stormfront.

Whitelaw Towers said...

You see Darrin was happy enough to go along with AF until Jim Saleam burnt an Israeli flag while protesting against Fred Nile.

That's when it all started. He is a Kosher Nationalist actively pushing the agenda of traitors and fools.

Does any one still believe he is not a Christian Zionist or at the least a supporter of that crazy cult?

He is one of a long list of idiots that have lied their way into our movement.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was when David Duke went to the Holyhoax conference in Iran. That's when he spat the dummy on Stormfront to the point where people thought his account had been hacked?

Whitelaw Towers said...

Ah yes I forgot about that one :)

Anonymous said...

The koran (Islamic Bible) doesn't say ANYTHING like the examples you have mentioned. DO THE RESEARCH....I'm not the only one that is saying this...

You have just described the FUNDAMENTALIST views which EVERY religion/ religious nutcase share. The christian bible is full of vile, violent, and arrogant assertions of self righteousness.....
Hmmm, kind of sounds like you guys, right?

Whitelaw Towers said...

No you are wrong. We at WLT are very aware of the destructive forces of Religion. We here at WLT are preserving our race and culture. You on the other hand are just repeating a mantra that has been forced feed into you from a very early age. Much like the religions you speak of Multiculturalism is just another form of worship that you are hopelessly lost in.