Thursday, March 25, 2010

Surprise @ndy plays spin doctor again.

It's funny you know, sitting back and watching how the Israel First people on the Right interact with the Zionist Left.

Whitelaw Towers made a statement last year (HERE) explaining that we would no longer post comments at Slackbastard because Darrin Hodges was fraudulently using our name to post in the comments section.

About a week ago we found ourselves in a position where we just had to say something over at Australia's own State Run Anarchist site.

After stumbling across a story about how the "Anti Nazi" & "Anarchist Groups" in Scotland had been infiltrated by Scotland Yard, (HERE) we knew @ndy would have to jump into action. In fact we banked on it.

The exchange went like this.

The above reads.

"Ah yes @ndy you fraud. What about your connection with State Security. You are the expert so you have claimed. What about your partners in crime who once bragged about working with NSW Vic and WA State Police. Glad WLT tipped you off with this story. Whats wrong mate no one talking to you?"

You see folks we thought it was real funny that a Known Police informer and agent for the State could comment on Scotland Yard infiltrating the Left. Pot calling the Kettle black. But we also knew that after we published our article he would have to say something. It wasnt going to go away.

Above is the reply. As you can see, a very typical response. The reply from WLT attempts to stick to the facts. Here it is.

"So you are saying that your friends at FDB have never claimed to be working with the State Police. Be very careful @ndy you know we have the proof at WLT."

WLT was trying to do two things. One was to get a fix on @ndy's IP, the other was to show his Anarchist mates that this guy has some very strong connections to the State Police.

To put it simply, @ndy only attacks the Police or the State to gain trust from his dim witted Anarchist followers. We have said all along that he and his mates at FDB are spying on the Left AND the Right. They are using the Anti Nazi/Anti Racist gig as a cover.

Whitelaw Towers has shown again and again that @ndy and the core members of FDB continually bragged in the past of their connections with the Victorian and NSW Anti Terrorism Task Force. They constantly bragged about strong relations with NSW Police after Cronulla. Campbell Smith, @ndy's mate in Victoria, even bragged on Melbourne radio in 2008 that he and his fellow Anti-Fa unit had better info on NAZIs than ASIO and liaised often with The Authorities.

Fact is, Australian Anarchists and Anti-Fa groups running with @ndy constantly claim how they are in contact with State and Federal authorities. Supposedly so they can supply info on Right Wing groups in Australia. Searchlight anyone?

The Founding member of FDB Mathew Hernderson Hau even publicly claimed that he and @ndy planned on modeling Australian Anti Fa on the Searchlight model.

Donald Oorst, FDB Western Australian member, was even caught out supplying FALSE INFORMATION to the Western Australian State Security Services when JVT was on the run in WA. Apparently Donald thought it would be 'real cool' to use his connections in WA to get the QLD Police Force to knock on the door of a QLD W.N. Real funny stuff. To say the QLD Police do not like being sent on Wild Goose chases is an understatement. But we digress.

@ndy, still avoiding the questions, posts a link to a story about a WN in QLD. This has absolutely nothing to do with the question he has been asked. The FDB article he posted in full was possibly his way of saying back off?

The article above posted at Slackbastard. "anti racism campaigners (read @ndy) contacted them (the Police) to register concern" Oh will the real Anarchist please stand up? Bitching about State infiltration of the Anti Nazi movement yet posting a link to a story that shows you working with the State does sound a bit sus. Even if you are some drug fucked swampy in Melbourne.

But it gets better.

Above was the last comment that was made from anyone from WLT. We had indeed got what we were after. An I.P. outside of Melbourne Victoria and @ndy outing himself once again. We got the feeling that @ndy would rather us go away.

Enter Darrin Hodges. He just can't help himself. Of course @ndy would be well aware of Hodges' I.P. Hell we posted it up on WLT and we all know @ndy loves reading this blog.

Above, Australian Protectionist NSW spokesperson Darrin Hodges starts posting comments under our name. The Zionist right working with the Zionist Left. All bases covered. This brings into question many of the comments left on the Slackbastard site. In particular any comment in an article that concerns Australia First or White Nationalist in general.

Darrin Hodges knows that the media source their information from State Agents such as @ndy. Especially when it comes to Australia First or any other real White Nationalist org in this country.

Hodges will sit back and steal the log in name of a White Nationalist. He will then proceed to leak false information knowing @ndy is all to willing to help spread his poison and lies.

Say Hodges wishes to add a few Nazis or thugs to the AF membership list. Easy pretend to be a WN and just out them. The media come along ask for information on members of AF and our State agent @ndy hands over information he has collected. The media then ask for his source and all @ndy need do is point to claims made at Slackbastard.

All very convenient. Two groups from different sides of the political spectrum both working together to destroy a common enemy. An old trick that has been well used since the formation of Fight Dem Back.

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