Monday, March 01, 2010

That’s not a knife, THIS is a knife!

Big noting blowhard and Master of Comedy over at A.P.P. ‘Mick Dundee’ aka The Incredible Bullshitting Man is at it again. He simply can’t leave us alone. For all his egoistic boasting *yawn* about his awesome ‘combat skills’ he certainly is quite persistent in leading with his chin. What a glutton for punishment our 'Mick' is. He has no understanding whatsoever of just what an utter tool he is making of himself.

Now, with a really firm grip on your tossle…take it away ‘Mick’…

From the A.P.P.’s so-called ‘Australian Nationalists Forum’:

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Re: Whitetrash Towers loves me
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“Seems that my posts are really upsetting the WTT nutcases.”

Psst! Mick. It’s actually WLT. Be a good lad now. We sorta let it go a few times but how about you get up to speed with who you’re actually having a crack at? Remember now very s.l.o.w.l.y. for the special people…W…L…T…

“Here's the latest offering:

One seriously has to wonder whether ‘Mick Dundee’ has been trawling the archives for info on ‘Jim’ and has come across the toxic garbage disseminated by FDB and friends and vexatiously perpetuated by others and decided it must be true and he’d run with it.

OR there is another possibility. Our ‘Mick’ has been around longer than it seems and has actually worked with the Left previously. Hmmm! Food for thought. Either way, it’s a clear case of outright malicious defamation. Who are you ‘Mick’? We’d like to meet you and have a chat.

“Ooh, Now I'm a leftist. Jesus, can't you mental patients write ONE line without involving:

1. Jews

2. Conspiracies

3. Jewish Conspiracies

And they think I'm a former FDB agent or something, haha. Oh how their little pea brains must be swirling with drug-addled thoughts, trying to figure out who I might have "been" in the past.”

DRUGS AGAIN! This mouth breathing, knuckle dragging, sheep shagging, cousin marrying, six fingered, banjo playing retard is absolutely OBSESSED with drugs. Why? Was he formerly a scheduled patient? Is he perhaps, God help us, a NURSE? *shudder*. Flesh creeping mode engaged.

“So you boys want to meet up hey?”

Reckon so Mick.”

“Is your (bowel) movement so weak that my "ranting" really has such an impact?”

We just hate you and want to see the ugly hole where all the horrible noise is coming from. It’s a perfectly normal and understandable reaction to attacks from a pathological liar with an apparently severe personality disorder.

“I love it how you nutters refer to the "staff" at White Trash Towers.”

We love it how ‘nutters’ like you have entirely imagined lives and actually believe your own lies. We suppose that constitutes some sort of achievement on your part. For you, we suppose that’s about as good as it gets.

“Pay them do you? In what? Lampshades made from Jewish skin?”

Tee! Hee! Hee! Oh what a side splitter that was. We laughed ‘til we stopped. It took around two milliseconds. Erm…Mick? Even the J_ws don’t push the soap and lampshades fairytale any more. They have admitted it was all a lie. Why can’t YOU?

As far as money goes ‘Mick’, I’m amazed you have the hide to bring that up. Your mob’s the only group in Sydney who manage to pull off a J.C. each meeting and make one bottle of home brand lemonade and a packet of Iced VoVos feed seven people. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! We’d buy and sell you ten times over you fuckin’ losers.

“That fact that you want to "meet up" shows that you are small, amateur players, easily threatened by forum posters taking the piss out of you.”

Shush! Is that the sound of back peddling we hear? We were under the impression you wanted to teach us all a lesson in unarmed combat, oh learned sensei. Hey here’s an oldie but a goody…snatch the pebble from my hand young grasshopper…

“Go and play with the little boys, because you won't ever by (be?) any bigger than a fart in a cyclone.”

Wow! Such devastating wit ‘Mick’. How DO you do it? Awww! C'mon, what's your secret champ?

“Oh, its Lithium time! I'll get the nurse for you.”

There it is AGAIN! Drugs. For a bloke who’s so keen to accuse others of being drug abusers why are you apparently so fascinated with medications both legal and illicit. If the words on the screen are any indication of your mental state it’s a fair bet it is you who should be sleeping in the rubber room dosed up with anti-psychotics.

And lastly but certainly not least, congratulations ‘Mick’ on totally avoiding any comment on the first part of the post where we set you straight on some facts. Is the truth a bit rich for your delicate constitution ‘Mick’? Indigestion mate? Can’t hack it pal? Prefer the Blue pill, do ya?

You are the biggest (bad) joke to come along in quite a while and, considering the competition, that’s saying something.

Enjoy your new found status.

P.S. Next time you want to mention a drug a least check the spelling

From the Google Search Engine:

Information from
“Methodone (methadone) Methodone is a common misspelling of methadone.”



bushranger said...

The A.P.P. is Australia's own Muppet Show, ROTFL!

Anonymous said...

Careful guys , you have awoken Australias own Chuck Norris ! Plus he has SCS on his side lol ! The same SCS who supposedly hate "nazis" but have members interested in joining the Hammerskins and Blood and Honour . Shame none of them are over the age of 16 . Mick must be pretty delusional to think that he's the only person who has ever trained in martial arts . All I can say is , snap out of it Mick ! You may scare the 16year old SCS kids you hang around with , and the stiffs in the APP , but I dont think he really understands the kind of people he's trying (very badly) to intimidate . Grade A goose lol .

WLT NSW said...

Every Man and his dog has 'done' Martial Arts. It doesn't mean you were any good at it. I did Karate and was no good 'cause I can't kick high for shit so I switched to Boxing which I was MUCH better at and thoroughly enjoyed. But so what? The only thing that can really prepare you for 'combat' in the real world is to actually get into streetfights which I have done but they are becoming increasingly fraught with danger due to not only weapons and gangster vendettas but also all the surveillance cameras etc in a very litigious and authoritarian world. It's becoming like at school where you had to challenge someone to a fight and then meet in some secret location to duke it out.