Friday, March 26, 2010

Who's Who in the Zionist Zoo at A.P.P.?

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Say hello to the Australian Protectionist Party's newest member/supporter. It's about time we all had a long hard look at any person or persons who support the A.P.P.

No more excuses as far as I am concerned.


Anonymous said...

Zionism demands the multicultrual destruction, then subjugation of all 'Gentile' communities. Observe the activities of Zionist political entities for confirmation....Allegiance to Zionism is Kapo like behaviour, treason against your own Kin...and every other "gentile" community.

Kapos and collaborators earn no respect from those whose arsecreacks they plough with Snout, or those in the benevolent care of the Kapo. The quality of their character is as low as the price of their purchase...

We will remember them as they have forgotten those who came before us.

Anonymous said...

"There's only one way to stop devil worshiping critters. "

skinwat92 said...

The Zionist needs to study history instead of studying the bible. The Jews came from the land between the two rivers which is modern day Iraqi. The Jews migrated to Palestine then took it over. The Jews are nothing more then Iraqis.

Smiley as opposed to Shmuely said...

On the subject of firearms, the NSW firearms registry, a subset of the NSW Police Force now appear to be attempting to remove firearms from members of the public using the pretext of their political views.

This writer was frequently attributed the name “smiley” as a kid who achieved highly in his endeavors at the time. Nothing has changed since.

To quote text on letter from the NSW Firearms registry,

“ Information available to the New South Wales Police Force indicates that you have expressed white supremacy views and anti-Islamic views that have raised concerns regarding your mental health.”

Can or should one’s political views be used as an indicator of ‘mental health’ issues ?. I and certainly free thinking others who detest totalitarianism in ALL its forms would certainly think not...In fact, to even attempt to use such indicators is in itself in indicator of a society that is sick or compromised at the administrative and legislative levels.

Now I know precisely what my political views are and they are nothing to do with ‘white supremacy’ or ‘anti-Islamic’. The NSW Police force know this to as evinced by information available to myself via the humorously named “Freedom of information unit’.

In all phone interactions with the NSW firearms registry, I’ve not once spoken to a Male within the unit...Psychological profiling has likely delivered a result that suggests Females, probably with discernable histories and prejudices, are most likely suited to outcomes desired by those who provide direction to the registry.

To adopt any form of “supremacism” would suggest views which are Kosher in nature. This writer is a Kinnist and works to bring awareness to his extended family who comprise the Celts and the Anglo-Saxons. On a more distant basis this would extend to all Gentiles. Such political activity is entirely reactionary and in response to predatory, revolutionary initiatives by those who act subversively and seek to damage the interests of unwitting others. My Father was tertiary educated by an agent of the BnaiBrith , a subversive group active in seeking to influence the Gentile legislature in ways which damage Gentile communities for clearly enunciated, but not public Zionist purposes.

Apparently those who oppose Zionist political activism are “mentally ill” and not able to safely own sporting firearms.

This writer has a history free of any physical altercations of any sort, and demonstrably sought a firearms license only for peaceable and sport related purposes long before becoming politically active..... This writer, his mates, and his employer have also been availed the opportunity to purchase dubious Art works by seriously sus. street peddlers with intentions not entirely relating to sell Oily works.

I’ve initiated this to warn all Australian Licensed firearms owners of the nature of the compromised entity known as the “NSW Firearms Registry” and will post more as interesting outcomes eventuate. Such activities usually precede a subjugated community and a police state.

Lies, which are the essence of Evil can only be revealed in the light of Truth and transparency.