Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Young and keen or just serial pest?

His real name is N******* C*** and he lives in Western Australia and he opens entire new vistas of meaning to the term political dilettante.

He comes from a reasonably well off Middle Class family, y’know, ‘his daddy’s rich and his mama’s good lookin’ type of thing. He has a guaranteed job for life, if there can be such a thing today, working in the family business so he doesn’t have the spectre of living on the street hanging over him. He has a comfy safety net. He has the obligatory Southern Cross stars tattooed on his upper arm. He likes to drink and party hard. He fancies himself as a ‘Southern Cross Soldier’ despite his nerdy looks and scrawny physique.

He has flirted with everything from Civic Nationalism, through National Anarchism to National Bolshevism and now he seems to be dipping a toe into the Christian Zionist pond with the Australian Protectionist Party.

On the Australian New Nation Forum he was posting under the name ‘OZ’ and managed to eventually get himself banned for his persistent divisive and contrary attitude to all other members. His strategy (if he ever had one) of divide and conquer was apparent to some. He was a grenade lobber. Rolling incendiary comments into Forum threads and basically just thinking out loud. Much of his stuff reads like a stream of (un)consciousness.

Youthful exuberance is one thing but scatterbrained confusion is another. His virtually pubescent lack of impulse control is really quite inexcusable. He is not Fourteen any more, he is Twenty Two years old!

Okay, so he’s still relatively young and needs to learn a lot and should probably, on one level, be pitied, but he simply refuses to even exercise any self discipline let alone accept the counsel of older and wiser heads. Believe us, we know several who have tried and failed to talk some sense into him.

So we bet many of you reading this are thinking ‘So what? Who cares? He’s hanging with Dazza and the boys over at A.P.P. now, so why not let him cause chaos and confusion for THEM? After all, there’s no love lost between WLT and A.P.P.’

Well, the point is this. No good can ever come of having wild cards (jokers) like this circulating in the wider Nationalist scene. As he swiftly makes and sheds friends and acquaintances he will naturally sow confusion, doubt, despondency and poor morale which tends to spread rapidly in the Nationalist loop.

He has been caught out blatantly lying several times. He was at one time simultaneously in contact with the leaders of at least three Nationalist groups expressing totally different views to each of them. This only came to light when one became curious about this strange young man and started comparing notes with the others. Two other groups were approached following the cold shoulders from these and he failed yet again to insinuate himself into the trust of his new found ‘friends’.

But he is nothing if not, almost desperately, persistent. He is still currently active in his pursuits and is posting as ‘Libertarian’ on the Australian Protectionist Party’s ‘Australian Identity Forums’. Judging by his recent comments on a thread that floated the idea of starting an A.P.P. ‘youth wing’ (how original. Not.) he has not learned a thing. He has changed his tune once again and is now bagging National Socialists despite having been a former fan of Strasserism. He’ll be volunteering to fly to Tel Aviv and grow oranges on the A.P.P. Kibbutz at this rate.

Really, he is simply too much.

In keeping with Whitelaw Towers’ policy of only ‘outing’ Red Scum and White Traitors we have resisted publishing his file as we deem him, at this stage, to be more of a nuisance rather than a real threat but if any genuine White Nationalists out there are concerned that he might be a danger to them or their group then just drop us a line and we’ll talk about it.

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