A music festival held by a white supremacist group went ahead without incident on the Gold Coast at the weekend, police say.

Local police expressed concern prior to the event, which was held at an unannounced location on Saturday. (Note. The only concern was created by the media.)

Officers planned to patrol the area near the festival, but a police spokesperson said there were no incidents reported in relation to the event.

The Queensland chapter of the Southern Cross Hammer Skinheads had distributed flyers for the white pride gathering, Hammered, sponsored by Gold Coast neo-Nazi groups Crew 38 and Blood and Honour.

Advertising did not name the venue, but interested festival-goers were asked to email the organiser, known only as Tattooed Aryan.

The organiser would then give interested parties details of a "meet and greet" gathering at which the festival's exact location would be disclosed, it said.

Tattooed Aryan promoted the event as a week of "sun, surf and racialist music" on the SCHS website.

SCHS claims its goals can be summed up by its mission: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children".

Gold Coast City Council or police could not prevent the event, held on private property, from taking place.

An anti-racism protest was held on Saturday at The Spit on the Gold Coast, in protest of the SCHS festival. (Note. In fact no one showed up to support it besides the organizer and his five friends. It was just a quick photo op for the media. It must be noted that the Police were used by these Reds to harass the public. Even funnier still the organizer wasn't even from the Gold Coast. More on it here Group spokeswoman Christine Irvine said they had police to thank for their safety. ``They made sure they pulled anyone over and checked them if they looked suspicious)

The Gold Coast Bulletin reported a group of about 30 men and women wearing clothing with the slogan 'Blood and Honour' had dined at suburban restaurant Ashmore Steak and Seafood Restaurant on Friday night. ( Look @ndy see if you can get that business closed down. I'm sure all the Indian workers out back would be real happy. Now what was it that the Gold Coast mayor said about how many would attend? Lucky to attract five from memory. Thirty at a Restaurant isn't to bad. It will from this day be known as the "Steak with a side of hate" affair)

Staff reportedly seated other patrons away from the group, whose clothing bore swastikas. (Note. Again look at the top of the page, see a Swastika?)

The German branch of Blood and Honour was banned in Germany 10 years ago for spreading Nazi messages. ( Note. Yes Germany is a Left Wing Dictatorship)

At that time, the German government said members of the group had been arrested after a series of attacks on foreigners inspired by music played at concerts organised by the group. (Note. Obviously they better ban gangster rap and wiggers)

Now for a comment from the very people who call us animals. I like this one the best.

Tony | Buranda - April 19, 2010, 8:37AM "Put down these animals and their offspring - save civilised society from their poison.."

Such nice people these anti racists.