Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Banners and Flags

“By the cold and religious we were taken in hand
shown how to feel good and told to feel bad
and strung out behind us the banners and flags
of our possible pasts lie in tatters and rags”

‘Your Possible Pasts’ Pink Floyd

It would seem some ‘gatecrashers’ are also perfectly alright and okay. Ooh ducky! Ain't I sweet? Ben Peterson from Melbourne
Sensible haircut and neatly trimmed beard. Alex Bainbridge from Adelaide sports the school teacher look. The Thing That Should Not Be or... When Bull Dykes attack

The Royal Sydney Easter show might have Robosaurus but the Perth ‘Stop The Filter’ Protest had the Headbuttosaurus!

...and...the obligatory Old Man in a hat...

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lol said...

"When Bull Dykes attack" I pissed myself at that one, great work ;)