Tuesday, April 27, 2010

David Duke Urges Boycott the World Cup!


Dr. David Duke has issued a call for Europeans and people of European descent around the world to boycott the World Cup being held in South Africa.

Not one iota of support should be given to South Africa, a nation that is not acting to stop the genocide of thousands of White people. Over 3,000 White farmers and their family members have been killed since the fall of Apartheid and upwards of 40,000 additional White South Africans have been murdered and hundreds of thousands robbed, raped or assaulted!

Genocide Watch, the leading anti-Genocide organization on earth says Whites are facing Genocide in South Africa!

There is far more reason on the basis of human rights to boycott South Africa today than there was during the Apartheid Regime. Under Apartheid, Black people were not being butchered in their homes and on the streets of the country. South Africa went from one of the safest nations on earth to one of the most deadly. South Africa even leads the world in rape and the rape of children and babies. Under its European founders South Africa had a 5 percent unemployment rate for Whites and Blacks, now it has unemployment exceeding 50 percent. South Africa is heading toward the murderous and oppressive conditions of Zimbabwe and Mugabe.

By attending the World Cup, Europeans are saying YES to GENOCIDE!


BOYCOTT the World Cup!

Furthermore Europeans attending are putting themselves and their families in great danger. The Express newspaper of the UK has recently exposed the fact that Black youth leaders in South Africa are promising to rape Whites and” burn white children!”

Say NO to Genocide

Boycott the World Cup!

The Nationalist Report: In memoriam, Eugène Terre’Blanche

Mike Conner &
Mishko Novosel interview Marc Cornah, a regional leader of the Afrikaner Resistance Movement (AWB) of South Africa. Topics include:

The final days of Apartheid and the state of post-Apartheid South Africa
The assassination of Eugène Terre’Blanche, leader of the AWB
The growing violence and the threat of a Zimbabwe-like scenario faced by the remaining White population.

Listen NOW HERE.

Marc Cornah AWB.

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Lone Wolf said...

As a typical American who's not very interested in football/soccer, this won't be very difficult for me. I watch very little professional sports as it is. Number one, it's a distraction and waste of time. Number two, especially here in the United States, the jewish owners and controllers of the leagues use them to disproportionately advantage and promote black and other non-white athletes to positions of prominence.