Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dispatches from South Africa.

Maybe the Red Ants will clear this slum next? Certainly no one will give a stuff if they do. After all its only White Folk. Warning this may be your future White Man.

"As some of you probably got an sms from me over the weekend, regarding the "camp site" that houses over 100 poor white people and 45 children...I thought I would let you see what I saw on Sunday."

"These people all had a story - how they got to this low point, and could be one of us tomorrow!"

"I did receive some donations of food and clothing - which we then drove through yesterday. My neighbor and her family, my parents and my whole family went to deliver food and clothing."

"I have been offered a chance to start a voluntary branch for "Helpende Hand" in my area - and I will be doing this within the week.This is something that is very important to me and I hope that you will support me in this venture. Together we can change the lives of so many people who have nothing and who have been forgotten."

"This "camp" cannot be explained in words - as I do not have words. The poverty, stench, hopelessness, fear and needs cannot be expressed in an email."

"The photo's I took may however bring this reality to life for you and you understand why we need to help them."

"There is no water and the bore hole has dried up. They pay R400 per person for the accommodation including 2 meals a day, to the owner of the land - but all the food they get is through donations."

"Cornelia who runs the general kitchen and has stayed there for 7 years, told me that with running water they will be able to plant vegetables which they can sell to generate an income. The men that live there are mainly car guards at shopping malls but as this "camp" is 12km North of Pretoria, getting to a Mall is very costly."

"Please let me know whether you know of someone that will assist with the drilling of another bore hole, or someone who will supply a water tank just for the interim. This is the most urgent need currently, other than food."

"The food that gets given to them is all they have. They sell newspapers on Sundays to generate an income, as they have transport to do this. Please know that there is no lack for they just want some dignity back."

"They say that POVERTY OF WHITE PEOPLE is a silent POVERTY - as know one speaks about it and know one helps!"

"Thank you for taking the time to read this - and I hope it does make you want to help!"

I bet you had no idea right? Well you know now. How can we help? We are not sure yet but we will try and find out.

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