Monday, April 19, 2010

Gold Coast Anti Racism Rally.

What a joke. They had to crush them all together to make the photo look good. In fact the gathering was so small we could not even find them.We suspect they took the photo and then shot off to the beach to sing more songs and have a nice ice cream. Oh boy have we got a lot more on this crowd in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

Meet at the Gold Coast Spit at 10am on Saturday the 17th April 2010, to unite in harmony against racism and hatred.

Wear BLUE + YELLOW to show your support

This event is in re-action to another event to be held on the same day somewhere on the Gold Coast, the aims to promote a racist view of the world. lets all stand up and show them how much they are a minority.

The best way to fight racism is through education teach the little ones love and acceptance!

Make it a day of fun + peace rather than a day of hatred

This event has 42 confirmed guests

And Hundreds of lame excuses.

Thanks for sending this, if I was going to be in the gold coast, I'd go.
Sending my love

i would love to go but i am in colombia

in spirit

hey, i'll bet you mobs are having a good morning and fighting the good fight, sorry i couldn't get down there. hope you didn't run into any skinhead mofos, those tossers aren't worth the aggravation. congrats for putting on such a positive alternative :-)

Sorry, we have a wedding, and we obviously aren't there.x oxoxoxo

Sorry Natto, I have to work this morning!

Wish I could make it - LA is a tad too far - have a great time

As much as I'd love to attend, I don't think I can afford a trip to the land of Aus at the moment.

Understand & appreciate the cause. Good work. Sorry can't be there. Mmmm maybe will try & wing it...

sorry i dnt live in qld nomore lol

Sorry I can't be there Natto, I have to work tomorrow. But my love for you has increased now by 300%.. :)

we are with you in spirit

Sorry S & crew, but too broke 2 even leave my 'burb,let alone get to GC:take care,avagood1,stick-it-2-em!

What a great cause...wish I could be on the Gold Coast fighting racism instead of working

sorry babe x

Can't make it down but I'm certainly there in spirit. I heard about this on the news and still can't believe it.

Will be in spirit... Have to work.

Cant be there but will post on my site ..... lets prove the bigots are an ignorant minority. Love and Peace. (Easily my favorite.)

Great idea, sorry I won't be able to make it.

Sending loving and tolerant vibes your way this weekend. Sorry we can't be there.

I will be at my godsons birthday party, I will be there in spirit, all the best x

Wish I could be there. Good luck guys!


Anonymous said...

Just "Anti-racist" activism is just more JewTalk, so is the above article more JewTalk.......

Anonymous said...

Ah, let's be honest boys. A copper mate of ours from down on the coast said they watched a couple of your boys drive up, take one look, u turn & speed off

Whitelaw Towers said...

Yes lets be honest. First we have an admission that you have friends in the Police Force who are working directly for you not the people.

Secondly who ever they harassed certainly wasn't anyone we knew. Who said we sent men down to have a look? Again we didn't even see any of you.

Thirdly my Southport friend your admission has been noted and we intend to contact the proper authorities.

The only people harassed was the WN folk. Not by locals but by political police. Your friends.

You must be new to this.

Here is your ip dip shit

AusCreator said...

Busted! What an IDIOT!