Thursday, April 22, 2010

Political Police harass Gold Coast Citizens.

Jesus wept who the hell is giving the orders? Yet again we see how the Left openly brag of their connections with Police Government and other Inteligence groups.

Many of us including the Australian Council for Civil Liberties were shocked at the way the media and certain Politicians lied and smeared about last weekends Hammer Fest. A simple gathering of White Australians whose only intentions was to celebrate White Pride, Kinship, music and dance.

Much like Australian Anti Fa in NSW and Victoria, Anti Fa's poor cousin in Queensland also use their connections in the media and Law enforcement. How many examples do we need to show the people of this nation for them to wake up to the fact that the Left are well and truly at the helm.

They openly admit it. This one came in today from the Gold Coast.

Anonymous said...

Ah, let's be honest boys. A copper mate of ours from down on the coast said they watched a couple of your boys drive up, take one look, u turn & speed off
This comment from Saturday's chip wrapper on the Gold Coast leaves one to speculate if WN would get the same protection by the Police?

Group spokeswoman Christine said they had police to thank for their safety.

"They made sure they pulled anyone over and checked them if they looked suspicious they made good police presence and made us feel safe,'' she said.

Well I guess the answer is NO considering they have mates (Queensland Police Officers)who just so happen to be pulling anyone over who they think are WHITE and PROUD! WTF!

So do you think the Police will look into this? Of course not. You have to be a Indian Student or a Non White to be persecuted.

Just look at this crap. Who is being openly persecuted?

Are we going to stand for this crap? When was the last time you saw a bunch of Skin Heads or White Nationalist running down the street in the thousands destroying public property? What about attacking the Police?

The system is failing. The people in charge do not represent the people. The Police openly harass innocent people because they are White. It is even reported in the media. Nobody is game enough to speak out because they know they will be persecuted for doing so. They know that to speak out on a pro white issue will get you sacked get you bashed or get you killed. Look at this comment from the Brisbane Times. They even want to kill our children!

“It's not a free country. I am told where to smoke, what time I can drink, spied on by covert police cameras etc. Then authorities allow human waste like these neo-nazis to congregate and celebrate their hate. Australia is land of ridiculous contradictions and incompetant government and police. Put down these animals and their offspring - save civilised society from their poison. Do to them what the nazis did to millions of innocent people.

Yep and the Media allow that comment to remain. Read again folks! "Put down these animals and their offspring"

Understand this folks. These people support the State and the State supports them. They will not hesitate for a second to kill you. In fact many of them just cant wait to put a .22 cal bullet in the back of your neck Stalin style. They are protected from scrutiny by the Media and already have good friends in Law enforcement.

These bastards are just sitting back and waiting. They hate everything about this country. The Flag The Nation means nothing to them. This has been driven into their heads by a State Run Education system and media. We are in serious trouble folks.

The Reds are not under the bed. They are here.

Further reading.

The strange case of Dr John Casey

Feel the love and compassion of our Communist/Marxist anti racists friends.


bushranger said...

The government is a semi-legitimate mafia, the police are the standover merchants.

Frenzied works under the Masons apron. said...

Kuzliny's a another slippery weasel that surreptitiously includes the jew in a list of races and poor pouisecuted peoples,
The prick is either an ignoramus or a jew.
The shrew is not race...The jew is an idea, a malevolent and demented idea that openly demands the subjugation of all others as Noachides, or their destruction in lieu of Noachidiotic enslavement.

To suggest that separatists who recognise the intrinsic value of the races demand the destruction of other races is to suggest that they are jews...

The jew values only itself as a ritualistically self abusive and existential manifestation of ontological exceptionality................etc etc. (the big words are certainly impressive, and probably threatening to the Goyim)

All nationalists and races who seek destiny free of judaic interference would find the concept as repellent as this clearly enunciated goal of the Judas'.

“ the presence of Israel among the nations mends the world, but not the nations of the world….it does not bring the nations closer to holiness, but rather extracts the holiness from them and thereby destroys their ability to exist. The purpose of the full redemption is to destroy the vitality of all the peoples.. (Judaism Discovered pp 775)

Perhaps the jew talkers of the media might take a little time to discover what judaism has in store for them...

Henry Makow recently received a rebuke from a jewish scholar who purported that there are almost no jewish masons.

Curiously the media whine about alleged secrecy in other peoples.

If masonry and judasism have collaborated to destroy the ability of races and peoples to assert their identity, then we have identified and recognise masonry as Kapos amongst the "goyim".

They collude to destroy the identity of the Scot amongst all others despite the "Scottish" nomenclature attributed to some of their lodges.

HeadCase said...

This is from a book entitled “The Jews” by Raymond Apple with the assistance of the NSW and Victorian Board of Deputies, and published in 1981...
It is directed at children so we can be assured by this fact that they’d do nothing to assail the innocence of their vulnerable readership.

This particular quote from the chapter “Who are the Jews” might be of interest to those who are mischievously charged with “racial” vilification as a reaction to their implied public declarations they choose not to participate in the religion of the Jews as ‘Noachide’, for which the Rabbis have decreed that such recalcitrants be put to death.

“Despite the evil doctrines of the Nazis, the Jews are not a race. They are of mixed racial stock. To those who were Jewish by birth ( the traditional definition deems a person a Jew if his mother was Jewish) have been added proselytes or converts from many different racial groups. In Israel today one can see a remarkable kaleidoscope of racial types, characteristics and colours; the uniting factor is Jewishness, not race.”

Should Australian Law permit us to voice our concerns regards a religion that demands our subjugation as part of some kind of ideological caste system where we are threatened with murder if we refuse to participate, or even study source documents for our own enlightenment?

We see these same “Jewish” organisations attempting to classify “Anti-Semitism”, which is anything that displeases the “Jews”, as a mental illness. Search terms “Anti Semitism disease of the mind”....
If you happen to be of European stock and reject both imposed Noachidiocy and the alternative, which evidently includes genocide of entire peoples as evinced by the reality of racial activism imperatives of the Jewish establishment, then you’re also a ‘White Supremacist’ suffering from some sort of mental health issue.

A truly “beautiful” religion ? or a Frankesteinian monstrosity on the rampage.

Sacred Geometrician said...

Israel was independent in 1948….Black block @narchists wear a black block consisting of 6 planes and 8 points of intersection…The cube apparently represents anarchic completion, North, South , East, West , Above and Below.
8/6 = 1.333333 divided by the number of numbers = .6666666
With 1948.
6 x 8 = 48.
4 + 8 = 12.
6 squared + 8 squared = 36 + 64 = 100.
1900 + 100 + 12 = 2012…
1948 +64 = 2012

The rabbis of the black block have probably got some pretty wild and wicked works in the planning for 2012.