Sunday, April 04, 2010

Rest In Peace Eugene Terreblanche

A True White Nationalist.


Anonymous said...

A true folk hero, see you in Valhala!

Anonymous said...

A Great Hero has fallen. Ironically at Easter, when we commemorate the death of another famous man who stood up to the machinations of the Jews.

R.I.P Eugene Terreblanche.

White Racialist said...

What ever happened to the idea of a independent state for White South Africans?

RightofNowhere said...

Terre'blanche was a man of great oratory skill and faith, a man who will be sorely missed by those who continue the struggle for an independent, Christian and White Homeland on the African continent.

In answer to the question, "what happened to the idea of an independent state for white South Africans?", the idea has not died. Those fighting for the ideal unfortunately have split into a number of groups, as we saw at the time of the referendum a decade or so ago, with the moderates actually contesting the ridiculous poll and legitimising the process and the true Boers treating it with the contempt it deserved.

The idea has not died. Some continue to fight within the political process (against an overwhelming black communist parliament) with the Volksfront as their voice, while the others continue to support groups such as the AWB,BBB etc.

Personally, I see no harm in hedging your bets and keeping your rifles buried on your farms for the day it all goes pear shaped.

One thing is for sure, the brutal murder by these commie thugs is a declaration of war against South African farmers and the white community in general.

Wishing our brethren in southern Africa all the best in these dark days.