Thursday, April 08, 2010

Should Christians Support Israel?


CrackerChristian said...

to wake 'em up.

There's a line of thought that the so called "Jews" who some say are an invented, memetic and notional people, are attempting to confiscate for themselves a "race"....By that I mean a distinctly different look as have Asians, African, Indians or other major racial sets.
That most "Jews" look like Europeans suggests that if successful, the only persons that look like Europeans use to, will be "Jews"..

"Israel" was apparently a land without a people for a people without a land.

Europeans are the subject of a multicultural attempt to deny them "peoplehood"..Via the use of shaming and inguiltification techniques, they are gradually denied the ability to assert a collective identity, recognise ancestral heritage, and determine a future for themselves without the ever present chainsaw whine of the nestling Cuckews that ceaseless hack at the European familial tree.

The European will soon be an atomised and disparate "race" with but not a people...

The Cuckew's will then declare that they are a "people without a race for a race without a people" and declare the European genome for themselves.

The Body Snatch will then be complete...The European Aryan will wear and forever suffer the ignominy of being known to the universe as "The Jews".

Christian Zionists are Nutz.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Think media, think Jewdas amongst us.

Think Islamist's in Europe, think multicultrualism.

Think "multiculturalism", think Jewgenics.

Think Jeugenics, think Gentile euthanasia, Europeans first.

Think, and speak, about the works of the Jews.

Where so many of them remain silent on the things that concern the future of their hosts.

Anonymous said...

This is interesting and demonstrates that "Anti-Fa" are clearly Jewish to the core...Julian Lee is a racial activist and names the Jew serpents as the ideological engine behind a program designed to eliminate, probably, all races..

He appears to be a peaceable fellow whose words evoke the physical presence of those who threaten with that presence to silence him...What do the "Anti-racists" and "Anti-Fa anarchists" fear ?

FDB and Slackbastard are Jewish, Zionist establishment....

They are a facile people for whom end justifies any means....Every thing is given and permissible on the condition that is does not bring them "ill-repute" .That end is of course the magnificent ascendency of a self worshipful narcissi known as "Jews", and facilitated via the destruction of everyone else.