Monday, April 26, 2010

War memorial vandalised on Anzac eve

While many "WHITE AUSTRALIANS" were getting ready to pay their respects at the dawn service yesterday, A group of "Middle Eastern Australians" showed us what they truly think of Australia and its heritage. I am speechless. Oh and big Fuck You Ray Martin and 60 Minutes.

Yeah 60 Minutes my Uncle & Cousin died so you pricks can debate changing the Flag on Anzac day.


Up to a dozen teenagers are believed to have been involved in last night's incident at the Anzac Cenotaph outside the Arncliffe RSL Club.

The vandals are believed to have swung on the flagpole until it snapped, police said.

Garbage was also thrown around the memorial site in the southern Sydney suburb.

RSL staff and police cleaned up the rubbish ahead of today's Anzac Day ceremony at the club but the flagpole could not be repaired.

Police will maintain a watch over the memorial during the Anzac Day commemorations.

Police say they are keen to speak to up to a dozen teenage males, described as Mediterranean/Middle Eastern in appearance, seen in the area before the incident.

They have appealed for anyone with information about the vandalism, which occurred between 7.30pm and 7.45pm at the cenotaph in Wollongong Road, to contact St George Police on (02) 8566 7499 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.


Anonymous said...

Jerry Seinfeld comes out to Australia in the year 2000. He does this brilliant stand-up routine and he says, "I love your flag - Britain at night." Bingo.

Perhaps funny Goy Seinfeld would like the Magen David on the Australian Flag.

Who really gives a Shit what Seinfeld thinks....

Anonymous said...

Ray Martin - the faux abo. God I hate that disrepectful cunt.

Plus that gin who was there saying "who voted for the flag?"

What nation has EVER got to vote for their flag? And when the fuck did we ever vote for multiculturalism?