Friday, April 23, 2010

White Nationalist Richard Barrett allegedly murdered by Non White!

Nationalist movement leader Richard Barret.


Man arrested in death of white supremacist
April 22, 2010 20:30 EDT

PEARL, Miss. (AP) -- A Mississippi sheriff says a man has been arrested in the stabbing death of a white supremacist lawyer found earlier in the day in his burning home.

Sheriff Ronnie Pennington in Rankin County says Richard Barrett's body was found early Thursday after residents reported smoke coming from his house near Jackson, Miss.

Pennington says 22-year-old Vincent McGee has been charged with murder. Pennington said McGee, who is black, had not yet hired a lawyer. His mother had no comment.

The 67-year-old Barrett had traveled around the United States to promote anti-black and anti-immigrant views. He founded a supremacist group called the Nationalist Movement.


The Nationalist Movement is a Mississippi-based, white supremacist organization that advocates what it calls a "pro-majority" position. It has been called white supremacist by the Associated Press and Anti-Defamation League, among others. Its leader was Richard Barrett and its Secretary is Barry Hackney. Its activities include its Warrior-Training Camp, Unixandria Library, Crosstar website, Prisoner Pen-Pal Club, All The Way newspaper, Free-Tip news-service, Crosstar Forum, Airlink television-studios and Nationalist Legal-Defense Fund. The symbol of the movement is the Crosstar.

No doubt this hate group the ADL will be happy about this. This is what they have to say.

Barrett's influence on the white supremacy scene has never been strong and continues to dwindle. His ability to insert himself into and inflame local controversies, however, along with his willingness to fight First Amendment issues in court, have kept his profile high. Reporters expect him to give offensive speeches and to enrage crowds, and he seldom disappoints. While he has been derided for his extravagant self-regard -- his group's Web site provides a form for visitors to nominate the Nationalist Movement for the Nobel Peace Prize, for instance -- he also has an acute sense of cultural fault lines and has skillfully heightened civic disagreements across the country. For this task, he does not require a large following, just publicity and opposition. Whenever Barrett decides to take to the streets, local officials and law enforcement must deal with increased anxiety in the community and the possibility of violence.

Like him or hate him there can be no doubt that Richard Barrett was a thorn in the side of our enemy. I think he would be best discribed as an American Nationalist not a White Supremacists. It is of little wonder that a black man has been arrested for his alleged murder.

Richard Barrett Vietnam Veteran, White Civil Rights activist, Lawyer, Segregationist. 1943-2010.

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Thomas Reiter said...

Richard Barrett was a Vietnam Veteran decorated with two purple hearts, a Supreme Court winning attorney, author, publisher, activist and friend. There is no evidence what so ever that Richard was gay unless you believe the black, murdering gang member let out of prison early who killed Richard. -And the only reason he is saying it of course is to skate on the hate crimes charge.

The Southern Poverty Law Center is an anti-White hate group whom Richard Barrett beat in court on multiple occasions and who seeks to slander him in death in a way they would never have gotten away with while Richard was alive. They’re always for the hate crimes charge unless it is a black person killing a white person such as this case.

Marxist liberals have forced “homosexual rights” on the majority for 50 years always saying they can do anything anyone else does, but their greatest lie is saying that there are many in the white nationalist side who are gay. It really is a pipe dream of theirs after all. I mean they hate us in public but have always longed to lick our boots…

The SPLC sides with black murderers, like the US Supreme Court, I side with Richard Barrett.