Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Accuracy is Paramount. Who is Peter Coleman.

Seems we and a few others have received some rather strange emails over the past few days concerning a Peter Coleman. Now we understand just as much as anyone how easy it is to make a mistake.

Now for the sake of accuracy and nothing more we must stop this latest intel blooper. This following Peter Coleman is real and the information is correct. “Some years ago, through the “Australians For Honest Government”, he (Tony Abbott) laboured to bring down popular figure, Pauline Hanson. This shadowy body run by Peter Coleman, father in law of Tim Costello and one-time NSW Opposition Leader, raised funds to sponsor a legal case against Mrs. Hanson.”

Most of the other information being circulated is also correct. But guys they are two different people. So if you are one of the many who has received an email of late don't panic. You haven't been dealing with Tim Costello's father in law. Just another snake in the grass by most reports.

A simple mistake people. If you would like further information please drop us a line

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