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These guys are gunna hate this. source: Oboler, Andre. "Government a welcome presence in cyber regulation". Australian Jewish News, 7 May 2010, page 23.

Merely allowing debate on the internet is not enough to prevent cyber-racism. Governments need to step in to regulate the proliferation of hateful messages on social media websites.

Alexander C. McClelland was an Australian prisoner of war durring WW2 and witness in The Small Fortress Terezin Concentration Camp in 1945. Author of The answer - justice.

"Many horrific books have been written in the past sixty years by people who claim to be eyewitnesses. Most of these claims have been proven to be from absurd to ridiculous.

Most of these horrific books have been proven to be frauds, even by Jewish academics who have published their reports in the London Jewish Chronicle and the Australian Jewish News. In some cases the reports have been really scathing, but they came too late to undo the damage done to the German people by the initial burst of publicity through which the frauds are launched in the mass media.

Large profits are made by the sale of such books, movies and documentaries. But is profit the only motive? One certain consequence of holocaust disinformation is the spread of racial hatred for the Germans who are not allowed to defend themselves without being jailed for their efforts."


"Sixty two German cities were eighty percent destroyed by UK Royal Air Force indiscriminate night bombings which resulted in the death of over eight hundred thousand civilians when their cities were engulfed by fire storms."

"On the 10th May 1940 Winston Churchill became prime minister of UK and on that very night the first deliberate bombing of civilians took place in Germany, on the advice of Jewish Professor Lindeman who had lived in Berlin and at the time was the Winston Churchill scientific adviser. After the war, for his service to the British Empire, Professor Lindeman was made Lord Cherwell entitled to sit in the House of Lords in the UK parliament. After the sixth carpet bombing of civilians in Berlin, the German government warned Britain that if they bombed Berlin again, they would retaliate by bombing London. After the eighth deliberate bombing of Berlin, Hitler ordered the bombing of London in retaliation. So then docks and food distribution centres of London were bombed with civilian casualties."


Where Death Wears a Smile

Australian made documentary produced by Cinetel

The contract I signed with Cinetel was for a documentary to be called “The Greatest Nazi Hoax”. It was released on Channel 7 TV who financed fifty percent of production costs with the title “Where Death Wears a Smile”. It claimed to be the true story of Australian POWs in a Nazi concentration camp during WWII. It was screened in Australia, New Zealand, USA and Germany with the title “Forgotten POWs”. This documentary won the award for Best Political Documentary at the New York TV and Film Festival in 1985.

Prior to production, a letter came to me in Crete from the producer Paul Rea. He told me that the documentary would be based on my thirty year fight for justice. I believed him and signed the contract. I thought this might help me get back to Australia which I was forced to leave in 1973 because the Department of Veteran Affairs doctors were using my false army records to brand me a dangerous mental case. Every doctor claimed that I could not have been in a Nazi concentration camp because I was not Jewish!

They all told me the same thing. If I told people I’d been held in a German concentration camp during WWII and also held in solitary confinement for twenty eight days in a detention centre in UK after the war, I would have to be put in a place and given special treatment. This frightened me as I knew I was telling the truth but no one believed me. I evaded all attempts to put me in hospital as I did not wish to be put in any hospital using my old army records. I thought it best to leave Australia and go to UK where I met up with Group Captain “Wings” Day, who had been senior officer of all RAF POWs in Germany during WWII and Airy Neave, a UK MP who was the first British officer to successfully escape from Colditz. They both helped me to prove my claims.

After seeing the completed documentary “Where Death Wears a Smile”, I realised that I had been used by Cinetel to further the aim of “Australianising” the holocaust through the myth of forty murdered Australian POWs. Cinetel completely ignored the contract they had signed and the clause that I was to be given the results of their research to put in my autobiography. This made me suspicious of their claim about the forty slaughtered soldiers. But how did they get the senior attorney Herman Weissing of the National Socialist War Crimes Office at Dortmund to say: “This incident did take place.” in response to Cinetel’s question: “Are you certain that this massacre did take place”? This was achieved by skillful but criminal editing by Cinetel after asking Herman Weissing an earlier question such as: “Was there an incident where Australians were held in the Small Fortress?” to which he replied: “I am quite certain that this incident did take place”. This comment was edited in as evidence that the forty murders did happen.

After I saw the documentary about the claim that forty Australian soldiers were murdered by the Waffen SS, I visited Dortmund German War Crimes Headquarters on 4th July 1988. I asked to view the statement Paul Rea claimed they held by the only witness. There was not one statement but three separate statements by Moritz Mittelman, placing the massacre in three separate locations, kilometres apart.

When I realised that claims made by Cinetel were false, I thought about the possible falsehood of other holocaust claims at Auschwitz. I have personally visited Auschwitz-Birkenau twice. The last time was to check the brickwork in all existing buildings and also to recheck the blue stained bricks of the two disinfecting buildings. Big signs inside read: “One louse and you are dead”, referring to the dreaded typhus spread by lice. So I began studying the scientific reports of Leuchter, Ball, Rudolf and other revisionists. Now after thirty six years of my own research financed by my TPI pension since 1975, I am sure that the German concentration camps were similar to the British camps in South Africa during the Boer War, which contained people believed to be enemies. I am sure that the claims made by other revisionists are correct, such as the claim that NO GAS CHAMBERS were used to kill Jews or gypsies at Auschwitz-Birkenau during WWII.

No nation on earth should be accused and convicted of a crime of the magnitude of the Holocaust on the basis of illogical and conflicting statements and without the benefit of modern scientific research on the alleged murder weapon. Until now, however, this has been the case with the alleged gas chambers in Nazi concentration camps. They have never been subjected to international forensic examination.

I stated in my book: “The Answer Justice” that the money from its sale would fund the Australian International Justice Fund, for representatives from four neutral countries during WWII such as Sweden, Switzerland, Spain and Ireland, to forensically test the delousing buildings at Auschwitz-Birkenau and the alleged gas chamber No. 2.

The sale of my book in Australia by newsagents and bookshops was blocked by Jewish powers here. Who else could have phoned the Lord Mayor of Newcastle on the 24th November 1988, the day he launched my book, that it was unacceptable to us for you to launch the the book “The Answer Justice” by Alexander McClelland? His answer to this advice was to hold the book out to the assembled TV and media crowd and to say: “This is a book every Australian should read.” I had no outlet for the sale of my book and so was only able to sell $3,000 worth. The balance of $17,000 came from my Totally and Permanently Incapacitated war pension. $20,000 would go to put the International Justice Fund in operation. The same amount of money of $20,000 can put on an Anne Frank exhibition in the UK but paid to the Anne Frank Foundation in Holland.


(The story of an Australian soldier who survived Auschwitz-Birkenau.) BULLSHIT!

Australian book written by Donald Watts
Published world wide (same as the Anne Frank Diaries) 1995

This book was praised by all the “right” people. Professor W.D. Rubenstein’s review was published in the Australian Jewish Historical Society Journal in 1995, and can only be regarded as an embarrassment. This eminent scholar of Jewish history praised Watt’s work as the most important written in Australia. He said it gives “the absolute lie to Holocaust denial propaganda, being based on the eyewitness account of an ordinary Australian”.

Stoker was financed by Jewish billionaire John Saunders, sponsor of the Sydney Jewish Museum, a man who had such sway over the Australian Prime Minister John Howard, that he had him write the preface to his autobiography “Nothing is Impossible”.

In the Acknowledgements page of Stoker, many thanks are given to the following important organisations who have unknowingly associated themselves with this blatant fraud:

The Australian War Memorial and Department of Veterans’ Affairs

The Australian Association of Jewish Holocaust Survivors and Descendents

The patron and founder of the Sydney Jewish Museum, John Saunders AO

The editor of the Battalion newsletter

The editor of Barbed Wire, the POW journal

Eventually the directors of the Auschwitz Museum and Yad Vashem in Jerusalem made scathing reports about this fantasy posing as truth, saying: “It is obvious from the author’s claims that he was never in Auschwitz-Birkenau”. This fraud was also exposed by Professor Kwiet of Macquarie University in Sydney. But by then the book had poisoned many minds.

How did Professor W.D. Rubenstein and Jewish billionaire John Saunders AO and others overlook the glaring fantasies in Donald Watt’s book, Stoker.

For example:

Page 94: “The four gas chambers and four crematoria at Birkenau were kept busy right around the clock. Holidays and Sundays didn’t exist in those death factories” . . . “By counting the bodies as they trundled over to the furnaces, I estimated that from May 1944 until the end of November 1944, crematorium 2 and crematorium 3 each disposed of five thousand corpses a day, seven days a week”. Aerial photos taken by the US Air Force at the time showed no black smoke as claimed by all eyewitnesses in this book.

Page 98: “. . . the Germans’ hatred of Jews. Oh, they hated them all right, but they didn’t mind using them as a human blood bank so that German soldiers could live. It happened like this: in the women’s camp next to us, six hundred or seven hundred of the healthiest Jewish women were especially selected by the SS and placed in cages along the walls in a large hut. The SS then went to each cage with big syringes and removed blood from the women. They kept it up, day after day, until the women were too weak or sick to give any more blood. When that happened, they were taken to the gas chambers and a fresh lot of women put into cages. I have to say that I didn’t see this particular activity taking place, but I heard it from other prisoners. And I certainly saw the corpses, with their arms and bodies covered in puncture marks. I sometimes wonder what the German soldiers in the field hospitals would have thought if they had known they were receiving Jewish blood”. What a sick fantasy! Is it any wonder that the Jewish authorities have condemned this book as a fraud? Why did it take them so long?

Pages 113-114: “Then, after perhaps talking for a few minutes to the people around us, we would fall into an exhausted sleep, on the ground, right up against the next person. About one hundred of us slept together, without a blanket, in a hut measuring roughly five metres by three metres”. If you pace an area 3x5 metres you will find there is not enough room for a hundred people to stand, but Watt says they talked and slept without suffocating!

Page 159: “It seems my application for compensation caused a bit of head scratching in Canberra . . . it took eight months for the Red Cross to confirm my story”. This is the big lie by Watts. How could the International Red Cross have confirmed Watt’s rediculous claims? $10,000 compensation was paid to Donald Watt. It seems that holocaust lies are quite profitable!

Sadly the site run by
Alexander C. McClelland called EXPOSING LITERARY AND DOCUMENTARY FRAUDS ABOUT THE HOLOCAUST has been taken down. The foreign controlled Bnai Brith internet hate task force has been hard at work once again stamping out free speech I suspect.

Hey ASIO how about talking to a few of them? Im sure you will be able to keep your job after the initial interview. After all its in the best interest of the Australian people and the security of our Country. ASIO mission statement reads
"we conduct our work with respect for freedom of opinion and civil liberties and avoidance of bias. We have mechanisms to ensure accountability, legality and propriety." It should just read." we are the puppets of a corrupt foreign power, your opinions and civil liberties mean nothing to us. We have the mechanism to silence harass and intimidate anyone who questions our allies Israel"


Anonymous said...

Is McClelland's book still available for purchase ?

Whitelaw Towers said...

I will find out. As far as I know it is.

FugaziQuo said...


Page One: Gas chambers destroyed by explosives

Page Two: Holocaust fables

Page Three: The greatest Nazi hoax

Page Four: 93 Jewish girls took poison

Page Five: Anti-semitism

Page Six: Competing banking systems

Page Seven: Illuminati

Page Eight: Giant financial octopus

Page Nine: Rothschild-affiliated Vickers-Maxim

Page Ten: The Trojan Horse

Page Eleven: Wall street & Rockefeller-Rothschild axis

Page Twelve: The Final Solution & Australia

Page Thirteen: Holocaust denial

Page Fourteen: Levels of cyanide in gas chambers

Page Fifteen: Removal means stealing - double standards

Page Sixteen: The Australian Jewish News 1998

Page Seventeen: Judaism gave birth to Marxism

Page Eighteen: The world Zionist movement is big business

Page Nineteen: $1 million pledged to Holocaust museum

Page Twenty: The great Jewish silence

Page Twenty One: Distortions substituted for truth

Page Twenty Two: The Katyn Massacre

Page Twenty Three: New crude attempt at Holocaust denial

Page Twenty Four: Yosl Rakover talks to God

Page Twenty Five: The beat goes on....

Page Twenty Six: My plan for action

Page Twenty Seven: Sydney Jewish museum guilty of knowingly promoting racial hatred

FugaziQuo said...

Great post WLT. Lots of good information here. Thanks mate.

Although Alexander C. McClelland's website, Exposing Literary Documentary Frauds About The Holocaust, has been taken down, a Google Cache still exists. The 'Home', 'Evidence', 'Book', 'Extracts' and 'Author' links are broken, but I did, however, manage to find caches of these pages at the Internet Archive:






I also managed to find caches of the 2000 Update page titled Irrefutable Evidence. This update contains twenty-seven separate pages of which I have compiled links to below. There is tons of good information to be found here. Please spread these links around.


Whitelaw Towers said...

Thanks mate. I hope everyone visits all these links and makes copies. Put them on your blogs your forums spread it far and wide. The truth shall set you free.

Ted, the well read Bear said...

Hi guys,

Thanks for finding these links. I was the ghost writer for Alex and unfortunately I lent out my original manuscripts to someone who lost them!! Although Alex did send me what he had copies of - which wasn't everything.

Great to be able to the writing again (and pics). I did visit Alex at his home in 2009. Sadly, he passed away a couple of years later. RIP.