Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Far-left violence rising in Germany


Violence, it seems, is increasingly the preferred language of Germany's estimated 6,300 leftwing extremists.

Last month, Germany's interior ministry announced that there were 9,375 leftwing crimes committed in 2009 - a startling 39.4 per cent rise on the previous year.

For the first time since the current system of record keeping began in 2001, assaults committed by the left outnumbered those by the right - 849 against 800 - most of which were directed either at police during rallies or at neo-Nazis.

Fashionable 'cult'

Yet the causes of this surge in crime and violence remain frustratingly opaque.

Florian Herbs, 26, an unemployed graphic designer and member of the radical group Antifascist Revolutionary Action Berlin (Arab), admits that car burning has become a fashionable "cult".

So what do they want? Experts say leftwing German militants today are very different from their predecessors.

"The leftwing extremist scene is made up of a very heterogeneous group of people with different ideological views," says Stefan Ruppert, an expert on extremism and an MP for the pro-business Free Democrats party.

"Only the vague goal of overthrowing our existing social order serves as a unifying effect. This complexity ... makes it all the more difficult to grasp the problem as a whole and work out solutions."

His assessment is borne out by Herbs, who says his Arab group, which has 30 to 40 members, is one of about 30 radical groups in the Kreuzberg district alone.


Anonymous said...

A message for @ndy. For almost a year you have been masturbating furiously celebrating anarchist and communist street violence in Athens.

I hope your happy now that your proxies in Greece have now burned alive (read, murdered) three people in a bank including a pregnant woman. I guess that is OK for you as they are just white, collateral damage in your struggle against, well, everything.

Greece is now paying for an systemic culture of public service indolence and corruption (with so many Greeks in the Australian and state Labor parties, no wonder our own county is fucked).

While the majority of the protesters are peaceful, the anarchists and communists who bring up the rear always start the violence, while you toss off about some isolated incident involving 'fascists' in some obscure part of the world.

A quick look around the net and especially in the lead up to this Friday's UK election, it is clear who the instigators of political violence and murder are, and it sure has not been the 'far right'.

I hope you're pleased now your Greek anarchist comrades have murdered in your name.

There will be a reckoning, one day, @ndy. With the amount of enemies you make both sides, we will soon find out who that snivelling coward is on the other side of the Slackbastard keyboard.

Whitelaw Towers said...

Sorry to say @ndy and his mates are already blaming everyone else but themselves. What else would we expect.

I agree his time is running out.

Anonymous said...

This episode of Forgein Correspondent on Greece was very interesting.

CORCORAN: Half of Greece’s 11 million people call this chaotic metropolis home. Nick Geronimos says far too many of them are employed by the inefficient, corrupt public service and that, he insists, is Greece’s biggest problem.

NICK GERONIMOS: “I understand there are 1.025 million public servants. That’s the major problem here. The major problem here is the fact that these people have to justify their existence and also they have to be paid”.

CORCORAN: And with bureaucracy come the kickbacks. Small business permits, even basic services, such as getting a drivers license or treatment in a public hospital often require an illegal payment called fakelaki.

CORCORAN: This is Renee Pappas’ neighbourhood. A Greek-American marketing consultant from New York, Renee moved here nearly 20 years ago. But her iconic Greece is now undergoing radical change.

“So it’s quite a multicultural scene down here today”.

RENEE PAPPAS: “Extremely. Greece had been a very homogenous country until about 10...12 years ago”.

CORCORAN: But not any more. Greece is now home to 1.2 million official refugees and illegal migrants, 10% of the total population. They’re mainly from Africa and the Middle East. With its porous borders, Greece is seen an easy entry point to the rest of Europe. These are the foot soldiers of an illegal street trade now estimated at 15 billion euros a year.

RENEE PAPPAS: “They’re left in legal limbo and then they are sort of fending for themselves, so what do they do? They have no income, they have no money you’re either going to steal or you are going to be hired by these local gangsters who bring in the counterfeit goods. I’m very happy that people come down here to enjoy themselves, but what I don’t like is this! I don’t like this. This is an archaeological site. We can’t afford to have this be the vision of Greece.

CORCORAN: [Police on street making an arrest] As they make an arrest, police are confronted by refugees. This is one sector of the Greek economy that’s determined to play by its own rules. Tensions over the refugee problem have also spawned a far more violent side to Greek’s culture of public dissent.

[Standing at taped off crime area] “Well here, in central Athens, a bomb apparently has destroyed the offices of an extreme right political group at 9 o’clock in the morning. Apparently there are no injuries, but what’s even more extraordinary here is the lack of interest by anyone passing by. Unfortunately in Greece, these kinds of attacks are quite common and what in other parts of the world would be regarded as an act of terrorism or major crime, well for many here it’s just seen as a legitimate form of political expression”.

Anarchists claim responsibility, declaring war on the government and anti immigration groups they accuse of inhumane treatment of refugees. In the following days, two more bombs are detonated.

CORCORAN: Athens is a beguiling mix of chaos and culture. Under the gaze of the goddess Athena, protesting public servants and police take up their usual positions.

[with protestors] “So far, being civil servants, it’s a fairly civil affair but whether that continues tonight, well we’ll just have to wait and see. At the back end of the parade are of course the hard men of the protest movement, the anarchists and the communists. They’re the ones that cause the real trouble with these kinds of marches”.

So @ndy. The truth is there, bludging public servants, a massive illegal immigration and related crime problem, and anarchists, not the Golden Dawn, creating violence for the sake of violence and killing people.

You are the real nazi.