Saturday, May 29, 2010

More on Political Policing.

One truly has to wonder why certain people on SFDU refused to share info on Known Reds/Jews with other Australian White Nationalists. Although every other legit WN/NS forum/board share IP's of known Reds/Jews/Antifa SFDU protects them for 'legal reasons'.

Imagine having hard evidence of a well known Antifa posting race hate material on a PUBLIC FORUM. Imagine then if all the other mods on WN/NS forums checked those IP's on their forums. Something about a house of cards comes to mind.

Well it seems at least Canada is up to speed. Thanks for the heads up guys.

I like this part in particular.

"In what best can be described as sheer lunacy, the CHRC (with ONLY remedial powers and NO police powers) has attempted to elevate itself to the level of a CSIS (National Security Agency), in an ongoing infiltration operation, using shady and secretive tactics to silence and possibly entrap those they don't like. The operatives of the CHRC have said they must get those they don't like "by any means necessary""

All sounds so familiar.

Nice flag collection. Once again controlled opposition.

"Infiltration Techniques Taught by Jewish Groups". Jewish groups read, Fight Dem Back, Antifa, Anarchist @ndy and his mates. Now what was the reason behind the Whitelaw Towers and Victor Whitelaw Blogs? To expose these Jewish NGO groups that infiltrate the WN/NS movement. To show the world that over 80% of the hate filled rhetoric you read on WN forums come from the keyboards of these Sayanim. Ever wonder why you will never hear a mention of us on SFDU?

More here.


Sacks of it abounding said...

CJB gets to the Yidcore of the problem, and by inference the purpose of the "@narchist" and FDB existence.

To you stoopid Goy "Anarchists", your mind is a colostomy bag filled with Kosher ideology. Each time you open your minds to speak, you release its contents upon the world.

Cubic Space Cadets said...

More on the Black Block @narchist, a peristalted product of the BnaiBrith and....

The Lunatic Power of its Cubic Rubric.

And the desired outcome.

The Automatonic Perversity of raceless, moronic “Diversity”.

Jeremy Moans said...

What's wrong with this vid people.