Tuesday, May 04, 2010

More on the Zionist Take Over of White Nationalism!

EDL members and Israeli Flag Wavers during roof top protest.

You know I still remember when a lot of folk laughed at the idea of Zionists steering the White Nationalist Movement. Britain's Sayanim don't even bother hiding the fact anymore.

Riot police were in a stand-off today with ring-wing protesters who stormed the site of a planned 'super mosque'. Two members of the far-right English Defence League scaled the roof of a derelict building in Dudley, West Midlands, yesterday waving anti-Muslim banners. They climbed to the rooftop on Sunday evening as dozens of protesters gathered at the site after an internet campaign by the EDL.

Protest: Two members of the English Defence League wave banners and flags from the roof of a derelict building in Dudley Town Centre protesting against the building of a new mosque That evening around 30 masked protesters were ordered off the site as fights broke out. A police officer and local teenager were taken to hospital for minor injuries after the clashes Several EDL members clambered onto the roof of the building, which had been earmarked for the super mosque development. The protest came just a month after 2,000 of far-right EDL protesters descended on Dudley to march against Islamic extremism. Some bashed down metal fences, threw metal brackets at police and even fought with their own stewards who were trying to calm them down.

This morning, the men - who were dressed in balaclavas and army fatigues - remained on the roof of the old clothing factory where they unfurled banners reading 'no to the burka' and 'no mosque'.

Flag-waving: Members of the EDL wave St George's Cross and a flag supporting troops

Salute: Protesters from the English Defence League signal their support to the rooftop protesters
The EDL's website claims the protesters 'have food and water to last them weeks, and a PA system to give speeches'.

It adds: 'I believe they even have a Playstation. They will be playing the call to prayer to let those who are not bothered by this mosque know what to look forward to.' An eyewitness said: 'They're waving England flags and blaring out Islamic music from a loud speaker.'
But this afternoon the men disappeared from the rooftop and have arrested on suspicion of having broken into the disused factory. Chief Inspector Matt Markham from West Midlands Police said the two men were 'helping police with enquiries'.

Earlier, he said: 'We have always facilitated peaceful protests by members of the EDL and other organisations, but we do not welcome this kind of protest. 'Our priorities are to minimise any disruption to the local community in Dudley and to prevent any further incidents of disorder from occurring. 'Our message to anyone thinking of turning up with the intention of causing disorder is not to, as we have police resources available and any such activity will be dealt with swiftly and robustly.'

Plans: An artist's impression of how the £18million mosque would have looked if it had been built on the derelict land

Unsuitable: The current mosque in Dudley

The protest came as the Dudley Muslim Association announced they were scrapping plans for the £18million mosque which have caused such controversy in the town.

The mosque, which would have been built on derelict land, would have had a 65ft minaret, and the proposals have been dogged by controversy from the beginning, Two petitions of more than 50,000 signatures were gathered in opposition. Residents who objected said the mosque would dominate the skyline and be out of keeping with the town’s medieval character. They also objected to the mosque being built on land designated for employment use Dudley Council threw out the application in 2007, but it was granted at an appeal the following year by a government inspector.

Standoff: A Twitter picture shows a police cordon and EDL supporter, who police said were not welcome at the protest site

Support: A photograph posted on Twitter shows the high police presence and some English Defence League supporters near the site of the rooftop protest In 2009 the council launched a High Court bid against the inspector’s decision but the judge upheld the ruling, granting outline planning permission. Deputy council leader, Les Jones, told a local paper today that the Muslim Association had instead agreed to develop their existing site after months of delicate negotiations. He said: 'The current mosque is not really fit for purpose and we have been working with them to come up with some plans and would have been looking to submit an outline planning application in the next few months.'

Despite claiming to have the support of Dudley residents, locals today branded the EDL protest as 'racist' and 'a waste of police time'. Sarah Williams, 23, said: 'They're just here to cause trouble, these people, and playing that music like that is outrageous and racist. They are just asking for trouble. 'These people just want to live here peacefully.'


Anonymous said...

If these people were genuine English nationalists they would not be waving the flag of a foreign country alongside the flag of their own nation. How can a nationalist be loyal to two countries at the same time? But the EDL are not genuine nationalists. They are an obvious Jew-controlled front group whose purpose it is to divide and discredit the white nationalist movement and to foment violent conflict.

Whitelaw Towers said...

Spot on mate. Make sure you drop us a line on the election results.

English denoument League said...

Was the EDL started up by that Zion Tart fantasist who imagines himself as some kind of Knave Exemplar ?

Lord FarQuaad comes to mind.

The traditional view of a Knight in Shining armour is one who protects the well being of his people and who has a character of incorrubtible virtue. The Knight rescues maidens from the jaws of the Dragon and protects her innocence....

These Knaves in Whining armour seem aligned with the Pharisees in the manner of a Judas, yet declare themselves "Christian" and fly the flag of the Pharisee. They pretend to resucue England, but rape her at the behest of the voyeur Zionists.

The have sold their souls, their integrity and their own for a few miserable shekels and the shame of kneeling before that which quietly laughs at them, as they do.

Like the Judas they hang their own then themselves, and in doing so immortalise their shame at having betrayed their own people in the service of a perpetrator.