Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Red comment of the week.

Seems the reds are not happy with just bashing anyone they consider a Nationalist they also have a hankering to murder each other. Keep flying that Black Flag Comrade so we know who the Terrorist scum are.

Looks like the Fascist Anti Fascist have been outed by their own people. Dont worry mate we know you lot are just Terrorist scum.

Warning Jewish Anarchist Site. Use a proxy.

Benny Rudeboy May 3rd, 2010 at 10:53 pm

After that march I just want to fuckin machine-gun those middle class university educated Trotskyite scum. According to them my black flag is a fascist one??? What the FUCK?

I found the most poignant part of the day was watching them all sing Solidarity Forever and the Internationale because as we all know, there is fuck all solidarity in this country and those fuckwits in the Socialist Alternative are responsible for making the Left a fucking joke in this country by pushing division amongst their own kind. That being said they are neither socialist and neither do they provide an alternative. They just embark on capitalist exploits by selling magazines and badges.

Fuck ‘em all!

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