Friday, May 07, 2010

The State moves in on our children.

As I type hundreds of thousands of Parents and guardians are being asked by the State of Queensland to sign over your child's future. Many parents such as myself have received or are receiving Consent Forms from the Queensland Government to " use copyright material, recording, name and personal information." Here is the form.

What are they asking for folks?

"On behalf of the individual identified in Section 6 of this Consent Form (the Individual), the person or persons signing this Consent Form (the Signatory)* grant consent to the Department of Education and Training (the Department) and to any other Department or Agency of the State of Queensland (the State) to use, record and disclose the Individual’s:"

· name, image and other identifying information (personal information); and

· copyright material, including their written, artistic or musical works or video or sound recordings (Individual work).

Interesting. Now its a rather lengthy consent form full of legal BS to baffle the average punter. I will just copy the important parts and let you follow the link to read the complete form. In short they are going to own your child and everything they say and do. They will be able to do this until they are 18 and then they will have to ask that the State no longer use or collect info on them.

Its all about copyright OK.

How will the STATE use this information?

Use’ includes:

"to create, make copies of, reproduce or retain in any form, including by camera, video, digital recorder, webcam, closed circuit television, mobile phone or any other device; and

to distribute, publish or communicate in any form, including in newsletters and other print media, television and the internet,

in whole or in part, and to permit other persons to do so.

The Department or the State will not pay the Signatory or the Individual for giving this consent or for the use of the Individual’s personal information or Individual work."

So looks like if you have a child genius and they discover a new power source the State will make a crap load of money and they get? A pat on the back. Standard greedy Government policy so far. Already anyone with half a brain would have said NO WAY.

But wait there is more.

"Nothing in this Consent Form limits the rights that the Department or the State reserve in relation to the use of the Individual’s personal information, Individual work or other intellectual property under any other law."

Read that? NOTHING LIMITS THE RIGHTS OF THE STATE to do what they want with your child's personal information. Oh but it does get worse.

"The ‘Department’ and the ‘State’ include the officers and employees of the Department and the State engaged in performing services for the Department and the State."

So thats any and all levels of STATE government having access to your child's thoughts and works. All being stored safely away for future reference. How bloody convenient. What can they collect. Thankfully they tell us.

This consent extends to the Department and the State:

"disclosing the Individual’s personal information and Individual work to the Department’s and the State’s agents, contractors and volunteers for the purpose of performing services for the Department and the State; and - permitting those persons to use, record and disclose such material to the same extent as the Department and the State are entitled to deal with the Individual’s personal information and Individual work."

Well its bad enough having State AGENTS access your child's personal information, but to also allow NGO groups and Volunteers access. Bnai Brith and Fight Dem Back will be very pleased.

Lets see what the STATE definitions are on the information they wish to collect.

What is this consent for?

"This Consent Form authorises the Department and the State to use the Individual’s personal information and copyright material"

"The consent covers the entire or partial use of the Individual’s personal information and copyright material in conjunction with other words and images."

What is copyright material?

"An Individual’s copyright material may include written work (e.g. stories and poems), paintings, pictures, drawings, designs, photographs, videos, films, music, performance, recordings, computer programs, websites, sculptures, fashion, metal- or wood-works made by them or to which they contributed"

What is personal information?

"Personal information includes information or opinions, whether true or not, about an individual whose identity is apparent or can reasonably be ascertained from the information or opinion. This includes the Individual’s name, recording or image. It also includes the Individual’s educational information such as the Individual's assessment and results, and health information and court orders provided to the Department, where such information may enable the Individual to be identified."

What happens to the Consent Form once it is completed and signed?

"The Consent Form is retained by the Department and it will be placed on the Individual’s file and or the project file."


Your consent to the recording, use and disclosure of the Individual’s personal information and Individual work is required in accordance with the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth), the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006 and the Information Privacy Act 2009. Personal information will be stored securely. The Department will only disclose the Individual’s personal information in accordance with your consent, except where authorised or required by law

So now do we see the big picture. I and my wife have refused to sign for obvious reasons. (our child has invented a new power source) My child has since been sent home with the request that we sign and send this form in as soon as possible. Well that just aint going to happen.

Welcome to George Orwell's 1984 and the Ministry of Truth.

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