Saturday, May 01, 2010

Thought police muscle up in Britain. Australia fast catching up!


This was back in April 2009. Things have certainly become a lot worse in the short period till now. Just look at today's media in Australia. Once the "hate speech is not free speech" was the domain of the lunatic left. Not anymore.

Communism is not dead folks. It's alive and well.

BRITAIN appears to be evolving into the first modern soft totalitarian state. As a sometime teacher of political science and international law, I do not use the term totalitarian loosely.

There are no concentration camps or gulags but there are thought police with unprecedented powers to dictate ways of thinking and sniff out heresy, and there can be harsh punishments for dissent.

Nikolai Bukharin claimed one of the Bolshevik Revolution's principal tasks was "to alter people's actual psychology". Britain is not Bolshevik, but a campaign to alter people's psychology and create a new Homo britannicus is under way without even a fig leaf of disguise.

The Government is pushing ahead with legislation that will criminalise politically incorrect jokes, with a maximum punishment of up to seven years' prison. The House of Lords tried to insert a free-speech amendment, but Justice Secretary Jack Straw (Jew) knocked it out. It was Straw who previously called for a redefinition of Englishness and suggested the "global baggage of empire" was linked to soccer violence by "racist and xenophobic white males". He claimed the English "propensity for violence" was used to subjugate Ireland, Scotland and Wales, and that the English as a race were "potentially very aggressive".

"English as a race were "potentially very aggressive". Not as aggressive as this lot!

In the past 10 years I have collected reports of many instances of draconian punishments, including the arrest and criminal prosecution of children, for thought-crimes and offences against political correctness.

Countryside Restoration Trust chairman and columnist Robin Page said at a rally against the Government's anti-hunting laws in Gloucestershire in 2002: "If you are a black vegetarian Muslim asylum-seeking one-legged lesbian lorry driver, I want the same rights as you." Page was arrested, and after four months he received a letter saying no charges would be pressed, but that: "If further evidence comes to our attention whereby your involvement is implicated, we will seek to initiate proceedings." It took him five years to clear his name.

Page was at least an adult. In September 2006, a 14-year-old schoolgirl, Codie Stott, asked a teacher if she could sit with another group to do a science project as all the girls with her spoke only Urdu. The teacher's first response, according to Stott, was to scream at her: "It's racist, you're going to get done by the police!" Upset and terrified, the schoolgirl went outside to calm down. The teacher called the police and a few days later, presumably after officialdom had thought the matter over, she was arrested and taken to a police station, where she was fingerprinted and photographed. According to her mother, she was placed in a bare cell for 3 1/2 hours. She was questioned on suspicion of committing a racial public order offence and then released without charge. The school was said to be investigating what further action to take, not against the teacher, but against Stott. Headmaster Anthony Edkins reportedly said: "An allegation of a serious nature was made concerning a racially motivated remark. We aim to ensure a caring and tolerant attitude towards pupils of all ethnic backgrounds and will not stand for racism in any form."

A 10-year-old child was arrested and brought before a judge, for having allegedly called an 11-year-old boya "Paki" and "bin Laden" during a playground argument at a primary school (the other boy had called him a skunk and a Teletubby). When it reached the court the case had cost taxpayers pound stg. 25,000. The accused was so distressed that he had stopped attending school. The judge, Jonathan Finestein, said: "Have we really got to the stage where we are prosecuting 10-year-old boys because of political correctness? There are major crimes out there and the police don't bother to prosecute. This is nonsense."

Finestein was fiercely attacked by teaching union leaders, as in those witch-hunt trials where any who spoke in defence of an accused or pointed to defects in the prosecution were immediately targeted as witches and candidates for burning.

Hate-crime police investigated Basil Brush, a puppet fox on children's television, who had made a joke about Gypsies. The BBC confessed that Brush had behaved inappropriately and assured police that the episode would be banned.

A bishop was warned by the police for not having done enough to "celebrate diversity", the enforcing of which is now apparently a police function. A Christian home for retired clergy and religious workers lost a grant because it would not reveal to official snoopers how many of the residents were homosexual. That they had never been asked was taken as evidence of homophobia.

Muslim parents who objected to young children being given books advocating same-sex marriage and adoption at one school last year had their wishes respected and the offending material withdrawn. This year, Muslim and Christian parents at another school objecting to the same material have not only had their objections ignored but have been threatened with prosecution if they withdraw their children.

There have been innumerable cases in recent months of people in schools, hospitals and other institutions losing their jobs because of various religious scruples, often, as in the East Germany of yore, not shouted fanatically from the rooftops but betrayed in private conversations and reported to authorities. The crime of one nurse was to offer to pray for a patient, who did not complain but merely mentioned the matter to another nurse. A primary school receptionist, Jennie Cain, whose five-year-old daughter was told off for talking about Jesus in class, faces the sack for seeking support from her church. A private email from her to other members of the church asking for prayers fell into the hands of school authorities.

Permissiveness as well as draconianism can be deployed to destroy socially accepted norms and values. The Royal Navy, for instance, has installed a satanist chapel in a warship to accommodate the proclivities of a satanist crew member. "What would Nelson have said?" is a British newspaper cliche about navy scandals, but in this case seems a legitimate question. Satanist paraphernalia is also supplied to prison inmates who need it.

This campaign seems to come from unelected or quasi-governmental bodies controlling various institutions, which are more or less unanswerable to electors, more than it does directly from the Government, although the Government helps drive it and condones it in a fudged and deniable manner.

Any one of these incidents might be dismissed as an aberration, but taken together - and I have only mentioned a tiny sample; more are reported almost every day - they add up to a pretty clear picture.


Anonymous said...

Note the impostor and Jew Jack Straw attempt reignite old discontents when unity amongst the indigenes of the UK is required, especially at this time when the likes of Jack Straw seek to engineer their destruction via immigration.

Jack Staw violently assaults and mocks each and every Briton with his lies..Just watch the smug prick in any situation. That he expects you to believe them barely conceals the contempt he has for you.
He seeks to built the foundations of a society on lies and undisclosed intentions and this suggests failure and chaos ahead.
But that is how his kind have always operated, and then demand privileged access to the lifeboats when it all turns to Shite.

You lot over there are going to have to lose your fear of being smeared as "Nazis" and "Haters" by WormTongues like the slippery Jack Straw if you hope remain intact as a people. His kind are and forever have been mere fair weather friends, pimps, snitches and users in each and every situation.

My Jewish Learning said...

Why is it that allowing “jews” an ascendency eventually leads to totalitarianism, police state and eventually bloodshed ?
It can easily be proven that the jewish establishment believe they have been ordained by their god to “repair” the world and institutionalise Noachide Law by whatever means possible…
Examining the methodology of jewish advocacy groups Fight Dem Back and SlackBastard are a case in point…Via the mechanistic transmission of “oral law” the automatonic functionaries of these groups have been deceived into believing that they are ontologically exceptional in a relative sense when compared to the unfortunates amongst whom they find themselves. The jewish political ‘religion’ of exclusive brethren, has inculcated its initiates to feel entitled to the deference of the Goyish Noachides who are decreed to be incapable of leading a ‘moral’ life in the absence of the administration of the ‘jews’….It is an absolute imperative of the jewish establishment of which FDB are just one fractal in the entire calculus of the ‘jews’, to force noachide law upon those declared to be ‘goyim’.
FDB and SB are only at the advocacy stage of their works…It will soon become evident to them, as it always has, that their calculus is not sufficiently jewplicitous to convince the goy of their folly in refusing, naturally, to have their lives administered by Prigs that profess the moral status of entitled Primadonna ballerinas or gods that walk amongst us.
Some of the members of anarchic FDB appear to have abandoned their ineffectual advocacy which seems more to do with posturing, posing and posting articles of , and snivelling to, establishment contacts within the media. These instrinsically valuable members of the community now seek to be effective in the context of imposing their magnanimous will on other peoples by training in the “law”, where they can perhaps achieve success via the proxy of “the law”….Maybe the Goyim, motivated by fear of punitive action at the bloodied hands of the likes of FDB and SB will dance the bestial Havanagila in ways that please the jews when failing of refusing to do so is a transgression of ‘the law’ punishable in ways designed again to please the insatiable voyeuristic yearnings of those ordained to enforce ‘the law’ so as to make the Noachide “better”. Much Chosen Syndrome by Proxy again comes to mind….But the patient must first be made sick to give pretext for the imposts of those imbued with the “Courage to Care” . ( For that which formerly neither needed or want such ‘care’)
The third stage in dealing with recalcitrant Goyim who choose not to live under the oppressive auspices of the rabbinate, is of course the individual killing, or collective Genocide of the people or race comprised of genetically similar individuals.
Jewish ‘scholars’ the likes of maimonides have authorised such behaviour and you can bet your shaved left testicle that hoi pollioi true believers, your average not so chosen jew, out of envy of the fact that he is indeed completely and utterly functionally irrelevant in the life of Goyish others in a natural sense, covet any vindictive and vengeful opportunity to carry them out. Under the auspices of the “Law” of course….Such things must be performed legally and implacably excel in malevolence, numbers and impartiality as to the race of the Goyish recalcitrant.
This is the stage that the UK, the US and indeed all European communities approach. Russia has been there before.