Thursday, May 06, 2010

UK Elections. BNP literally fighting back!

Good onya Bob. Parliamentary candidate Bob Bailey has been assaulted by a gang of Non Whites while campaigning in East London. Mr Bailey responds with some very good elbow fist and foot work.

Now in Australia spitting on someone is deemed as serious assault. Why you ask?

The list of types of Diseases contagious from saliva mentioned in various sources includes:

Tuberculosis is transmitted through the air from exposure to germs in the saliva of infected persons and sputum coughed up from their lungs.

In the UK.......

Background: London accounts for nearly half of the national burden of tuberculosis. The incidence of tuberculosis has more than doubled in London in the past 15 years.

Methods: Data from the enhanced tuberculosis surveillance 1999–2003, the national tuberculosis surveys of 1993 and 1998, and tuberculosis notifications were compared and analysed.

Results: In 2003, 3048 patients with tuberculosis were reported in London, 45% of the national total. This represents an incidence of 41.3/100 000, five times higher than the rest of England and Wales, and in parts of London the incidence of tuberculosis is nine times the national average. 75% of people with tuberculosis in London are born abroad; nearly half have lived in the UK for <5>10 years. 86% are from an ethnic minority group, and the incidence is highest in black Africans at 283/100 000 compared with 141, 141 and 8/100 000 for Pakistanis, Indians and whites, respectively. In absolute terms, a third of patients with tuberculosis in London are from Africa and nearly a third from the Indian subcontinent. Specific groups affected also include the homeless, prisoners, and hard drug and alcohol users as well as the immunosuppressed.

Conclusions: London reflects the worldwide rise in tuberculosis, with increasing incidence in ethnic minorities. Work has been carried out to combat this rise, but more is needed. Tuberculosis control and prevention strategies should be mindful of the changing epidemiology of tuberculosis in London, and provide information, diagnosis and treatment tailored to the specific needs of the capital and its at-risk groups.


Gollie Wog. said...

The Hoiker of Gollies must have invested himself heavily in the propaganda that suggests the locals will continue to tug the forelock and put up with this Shit and Spit that's been heaped upon them buy the media. They honestly seem to believe that the British are so cowed that they now follow the lead of the media and spit on them actually.

It is going to get very nasty over there eventually as Kipling's Saxons learn to hate that which has been disrespectfully foisted upon them, and told to believe that the spittle is but morning Dew.

There are some however that will lick the spittle up and shuffle away in shame for fear of offending those who must not be offended.

Clearly Bob Bailey has indulged in a bit of Anti Racist action himself...Was he "FightingDemBack" or was it prejudice and bigotry..

We must seek the, by inference, wise counsel of the tertiary educated, intellectual tossers of the left.

Ray the "leader" of Men. said...

Like the Australian Flag, the British Flag is probably offensive to some that live on the British Isles...

It should be changed..

Our Diggers fought for the freedom to have Multiculturalism imposed democratically, or so stunt double Ray Martin have us believe.

Micro manager Peter Fitzsimmons seems to feign that there is no greater agenda operating within Britain, Europe, the US, Canada and Australia as evinced by the fact that the admixture of all races a people with inevitably lead to their extinction as identifiably different people.

The Hans Clown seems to think that Australia is little more than a plantation whose value is quantified only in monetary terms, as are branded and corralled beasts of the field that might be identified as species "Goyim".

Anonymous said...

Good on ya Bob for "Fightingdemback!" ;)

Would like to see some more anti-fa skull kicking

Chris said...

That's what i like to see...

WLT NSW said...

That is PRECISELY how I would have responed myself to such a GUTLESS and DISGUSTING attack.

One would hope there is not a jury in the land that could even consider convicting Bob of a crime for knocking the snot out of that filthy germ who spat in his face.

Good on him!


has there ever been a fight between the fight dem back idiots and any white nationalists? like, has there been any fist fights or any thing?

Whitelaw Towers said...

Not that we are aware of.