Friday, May 07, 2010

The Voice - No Free Speech

During a recent cyber-racism summit Australia's Attorney-General Robert McClelland stated that there should be no free speech for so-called racists. Racists are by definition anyone who is White that disagrees with the government's policy of enforced diversity and multiculturalism. McClelland has us at the tip of a very slippery slope where the government will be able to do as it pleases and anyone who is vocal in their disagreement or concerns will be locked up or worse.

Free speech is supposed to be the cornerstone of democracy but without it all we are left with is tyranny. This one act shows the true colours of our fabian marxist Prime Minister Kevin Rudd (aka Chairman KRudd). We are being treated as mere commodities much like cattle who eventually end up at the abattoir. Are you outraged by this or are you too apathetic to get off your lounge chair? It is time that we pulled our fingers out otherwise we are doomed.


Very Tricksy indeed said...

Understand the altruistic collaborator and confidence trickster "anarchist" @ndy.

"Now we can better understand the nature of the self-styled ‘anti-racist’ groups: Antifa, Searchlight, Expo and similar bodies. They are storm troopers for the Predator. They crush local solidarity groups. They act as a solvent, disintegrating traditional society. They are ardent Zionists; they fervently listen to Foxman’s ADL; they are supported by Jewish financiers."

Anonymous said...

The purpose of FDB/SB is that of a sabateur...Living amongst people of largely European origin, it is the purpose of these zionist jews to circumvent at every opportunity the social structures or nests that Europeans use to create a functioning society that does not demonstrably need the input of the jews in any way whatsoever.

If they were in China or Japan, they'd oppose 'Asian supremacy' and 'hatred'. Think globally, 'This world is mei world, g_d gave it to me', but act locally to destroy the vitality and existence of all other peoples not jewish.

It includes firstly the destruction of family. This is how Europeans reproduce and educate the young. The destruction of confidence with constant shameless and false accusations of "racism" and "hatred" and the propagandising of minorities who, as economic opportunists care mostly about financial comfort, a classy car, mobile phone and job, eating, shitting and rooting as opposed to the damage they inflict on others' communities as proxies for the likes of the compassionate zionists.

These kikes are truly a devious and malevolent hive...People who listen to them do not deserve to exist.

Anonymous said...

Apparently opposing multiculturalism as imposed policy is an expression of "hatred", according to those for whom "hate" seems to follow like the stink of an unwashed squatter.