Monday, June 14, 2010

And the bullshit remark of the week goes to...

Donald Oorst AKA Duck Monster, Fight Dem Back co founder from Western Australia.


Donald Oorst from WA

"Note, we never had a naked black woman on the front of our website" BULLSHIT.

He is talking about this particular You Tube video (below)concerning FDB. You will note the screen shot of the FDB web site. Yes that is a black transvestite. It is that gross that we can not show it in full detail.

It was used when Donald Oorst and Mat Henderson black mailed a White Nationalist from Perth. Real funny stuff using a pic of a Black male with breasts to remind a WN from Western Australia that they had compromising pictures of him. Black male/ Black Mailed real funny. If you click on the picture on the site it will take you to another story on FDB concerning Sudanese in Australia. Fancy that.

Here is the link that proves Mat Henderson allowed this type of porn on his site. Warning 18+ only. It is common knowledge that FDB was taken down for over two days because of this incident. Further proof of the deviate nature of these Left Wing Jews can be found at .

Warning and I can not stress that enough, this link will take you to Brian Stokes web site. Sadly he has openly posted naked pictures of a 12 year old White girl. All in the name of art OK. I am sorry folks I do not provide this link with out my own real concerns of encouraging anyone to view it. Sadly we must back up every thing we say, even if it means posting links that we all find totally unacceptable as White Folk.

Please note IF you click on the above link you do at your own peril. Brian Stokes along with Donald Oorst and Mat Henderson are all founding members of Fight Dem Back, Australia's one and only Anti Racist Anti Fa site. They are also very sick individuals.


Anonymous said...

You can bet your shaved left testicle once again, that Peter Singer would agree with most all of the works of FDB..

Singer's the Klown that tries to convince the Goyim that buggering beasts in accordance with the amoral Talmudic doctrine "The Equivalence of Holes" is just the thing to do. As long as the beast isn't harmed...Whether the Goyisch participant and society in general is harmed wasn't really discussed much. The matter swings like the centrifugally comatose chickens about the idea of mutual consent..

Singer's not got onto children yet, but the trend is in place, and its not an aspirational trend..Its a falling trend consistent with his most recent drivel about life being too miserable to be worth living and whether the Goy can be goaded into killing themselves so that the Chosen may live a narcissists existence where only they exist as the ontological manifestation of existential magnificence....

Does anyone else notice the trend in everything that the Jews do..Its always about making the Goyim feel ashamed of the fact that we exist...Look at the "@narchist", the flaccidivists at FDB and every single other termitic Zionist operation. Everything we build they sabotage, debauch and destroy....But isn't that's what the Jews have said is the very purpose of their existence ?

It extends even to buggering up the innocence of the animal kingdom, simply because their existence is a distraction to those eternally enamoured with their own narcissistic image.

Covet that Kid. said...

Had a look at the Scat Weezil's RockSpider Website...

Nothing surprises...Even the the very few honest jews about the place recognise this "AntiFa" activism as a purposeful Zionist attempt to finger and faecalise innocence where ever it is to be found....That the Scat Weezil finds power in his affronting the families of other characterises the nature of his existence and the twitching, entymological focus of his utilitarian and graceless mind. Will his activism extend to publishing pictures of his own kids, if he can drag himself away from the sissyphysical attractions of pushing Shit uphill in contravention of the laws of nature.

A powerful Prig once breathlessly exclaimed in a moment of kiddie powered arousal that "Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac"...The powerful however don't like rejection, so they must "FightDemBack" the object of their carnal desires wherever parental or direct resistence is found. It is "Hateful" to offend a predator, because it houits its feelin's, being the sensitive and histrionic fitter that it has shown itself to be.

Its what FDB do as "rrrrevolutionary" ablutionary predators and perpetrators, FightBack those that deny the members of FDB the opportunity to finger and defile. FDB are an inversion of everything they feign to be....A whited sepulchre to the YidCore and a blight unto the werld.

They are the quintessential "Jew" and Gentile "jews"... and all that has historically implied.

Anonymous said...

If you look on FDB forum, the last post was on the 1st of May????

Has the Forum died?

Anonymous said...

"They are also very sick individuals"

You ain't whistlin' Dixie there pilgrim...

Bolt Shot. said...

They've been out Pimpin' for a bit of Rough Trade at High end of Town for a long time.
A truly compromised and spent operation now.

les boys do cabaret
les boys are glad to be gay
they're not afraid now
disco bar in germany
les boys are glad to be
upon parade now

les boys got leather straps
les boys got ss caps
but they got no gun now
get dressed up get a little risque
got to do a little s & m these days
it's all in fun now

les boys come on again
for the high class whores
and the businessmen
who drive in their mercedes benz
to a disco bar in old munchen

they get the jokes that the d.j. makes
they get nervous and they make mistakes
they're bad for business
some tourists take a photograph
les boys don't get one lough
he says they're useless

late at night when they've gone away
les boys dream of jean genet
high heel shoes and a black berret
and the posters on the wall that say
les boys do cabaret
les boys are glad to be gay

anti-red scum said...

no, they are hiding behind the scenes coz good ol' Whitelaw Towers has consistently uncovered the red scum at FDB and exposed their identities along side photos of the red scum!

Shitloads of them have scurried away like the gutless pussies they are