Thursday, June 03, 2010

Australian IDF involved in Aid Massacre.

WTF people. How can this be? How many of these "Jewish Australian's" are involved in the many atrocities we witness in Palestine? This is an absolute OUTRAGE!

How many of these 5th Columnist are members in our Unions our Government our Military? How many of these Jews are on the pay roll of Bnai Brith actively persecuting Australians? How many are in our Federal and State Police? Yes APP how many of them are your handlers?

Fancy having the same guys that shoot children and murder unarmed adults being able to fly in and out of Australia LEGALLY! We should be deporting all of them immediately. I tell ya folks knowing that these trained killers walk among us certainly puts a new twist to the struggle.

AUSTRALIAN photographer Kate Geraghty was Tasered on the arm by Israeli soldiers who stormed a flotilla of boats heading to Gaza.


The Fairfax photographer along with senior Fairfax journalist Paul McGeough had been detained by Israeli authorities since Monday afternoon (AEST) when the naval commandos boarded the ships and took control.

At least nine people were killed during the takeover, with others injured and more than 100 detained.

Geraghty spoke to the The Sydney Morning Herald last night while the plane waited on the runway.

She confirmed reports that she had been ''Tasered'' by the Israelis.

The Israeli attack was "pretty full on", Geraghty said.

“Three of the soldiers on the deck were Australian-Israelis, I couldn't believe it.”

''It (the Taser attack) hurt and it made me feel sick.''

Geraghty had been trying to send out photographs before the boat was taken over.

Once the commandos boarded the vessel, one of their first acts was to seize all communication equipment, cameras and memory cards.


Eithne said...

One cannot be an Australian while one has any loyalty to any other's as simple as that!
Why the hell isn't our government screaming blue murder about this?

Anonymous said...

If these "Australian" Jews love Israel to the point where they are willing to fight on the rogue terrorist state's behalf, then they ought to seriously consider getting the fuck out of Australia and relocating to Israel instead.

Although the Australian government ought to be outraged by this flagrant display of disloyalty to Australia, you can bet your last cent that there will be no outrage expressed by the Jew-controlled Australian government.

vlad said...

In the land of the Goy, the Khazar is king.