Saturday, June 05, 2010

Australian New Nation Boat Report 2010

Another asylum seeker (invader) boat intercepted


HMAS Maryborough, operating under the control of Border Protection Command, boarded a vessel overnight about ten nautical miles north of Ashmore Island.

Initial indications are that the boat is carrying 54 passengers (invaders) and three
crew (smugglers).

The boat was initially detected by a Customs and Border Protection Dash-8 surveillance aircraft operating under the control of Border Protection Command.

The passengers (invaders) and crew (smugglers) will be conveyed to Christmas Island. They will undergo health, identity and security checks and their reasons for travel will be established.

While their nationality is yet to be confirmed, if these asylum seekers (invaders) are Sri Lankans or Afghans, the processing suspension introduced by the Government on 9 April 2010 will apply.

The 2009-10 Budget funded a $654 million whole-of-government strategy to combat people smuggling and address the problem of unauthorised boat arrivals (invaders).

In the 2010-11 Budget $1.2 billion was announced to bolster Australia’s border security, including eight new border patrol vessels. (How about letting the navy do its job?)


So, there have been 63 boats carrying 2,948 invaders and 153 reported smugglers that have illegally entered Australian waters up to last night which was the 154th night of 2010.

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