Friday, June 18, 2010

Eureka-Youth League EYL now has a website.

The Eureka Youth League exists to preserve our heritage and identity as Australians, to impart that heritage and articulate the quality of that unique identity founded upon the spirit of race and place and to provide a fraternal environment for young Australians. Click HERE to drop in and say hello.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see that the EYL regards Aborigines as "Sacred"

Whitey. said...

The Black Fellas ought to be the last ones to support this purposeful and engineered "MultiCulturalism". Their innocence, gullibility and lack of genetic memory of all things Kosher makes them absolutely vulnerable to the the machinations and deceptions of a Kosmopolitan Krowd who feign to care courageously for the plight of the indigenous..

The KonMan is always the best friend you've ever had, until you Kotton on to the Kon.

Anonymous said...

My indifference to aboriginals of this land couldn't be greater! There is no way I would hold them up in regard and call them sacred. Their contribution to this Country is non-existant compared to us European Aussies. We are the Sacred race here. We conquered, settled, pioneered and built this country to what it is now so they, and the people of the third world can reep the benefits our peoples work!