Friday, June 11, 2010

Get the camera. Zionism on show.

Yes folks here is your opportunity to see not only the cream of the Zionist crop in Sydney but also a chance to say hello to the NSW branch of the Australian Protectionist Party.

The only problem is you will have to ask Darrin Hodges for directions because we cant find a listing for Barracluff Park. Niether can Google Earth. Maybe its a secret Zionist base?


A PRO-ISRAEL peace rally that has divided the Sydney Jewish community has moved locations, but will go ahead on Monday afternoon (June 14).

NSW State Zionist Council (SZC) moved the rally from the city to Barracluff Park in North Bondi, after a meeting with the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies (JBD) and Communal Security Group (CSG).

The Zionist Council of Victoria(ZCV), with the support of the Jewish Community Council of Victoria and the Australasian Union of Jewish Students (AUJS), meanwhile, has decided not to stage a similar event.

The Sydney community was divided after the JBD expressed its opposition to a rally. Board president Robin Margo said: “The consensus view of the board executive is that public rallies are not the best way to counter the delegitimisation of Israel in the aftermath of the flotilla incident.”

Margo noted that the board and SZC had addressed events at Central Synagogue and Kehillat Masada, saying: “We are otherwise focusing our energies on what works as the most effective way to support Israel.”

But he added: “Some in the community, however, want to have a rally and they are entitled to do so.”

He said that if the SZC does stage such an event, “the board will, as a further sign of its solidarity with Israel and of community unity, support the rally. I will attend as I expect will other members of the board executive.”

Expressing his belief in the value of a rally, SZC president Frank Levy said: “It is important to show that people in Sydney are very strong supporters and their heartache in Israel is our heartache here.”

AUJS NSW chairperson Danny Rod said there would be no official involvement from his organisation. However, he added, “I would still attend, as a young Jewish student, in a personal capacity. It’s important to know that if people feel strongly we advocate for them to write letters to news organisations and tweet, and re-tweet, pro-Israel articles of support.”

AUJS Victoria has expressed the same sentiments. “In the past we have taken a proactive response, but here the community was against us doing it and we knew it would be aggressive,” AUJS Victoria chairperson Tamara Better said.

ZVC executive director Ginette Searle said the idea of a rally has not divided the Melbourne community. “At this stage we are not conducting a rally, but we had a briefing session with more than 300 people and we gave them the tools, information and contacts to be active advocates for Israel,” she said.

Interesting, White Law Towers out (WLT)

Israeli Attack on the Mavi Marmara, May 31st 2010 // 15 min. from Cultures of Resistance on Vimeo.


FugaziQuo said...

Do these people ever hold pro-Australia rallies, or do these fifth-columinsts care only for that shitty, little country on the Mediterranean coastline?

Noachideous said...

Zionism and Anti-'racist' action characterised. Doubt criminalised and shaming the recalcitrant.

I found this all on my own too.