Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Israel's Latest War Crime

Rebel News

"Israel has done it again. (See news articles and videos compiled by Alison Weir at “If Americans Knew.”) Creating outrage on a daily basis seems to be its speciality. It has now launched an attack on international peace activists carrying humanitarian aid to besieged Gaza — “the world’s largest concentration camp” still recovering from war crimes committed by Israel almost 18 months ago. Here are some of the bare facts: The Mavi Marmara is a Turkish vessel. It was part of a 6-ship unarmed flotilla, including a U.S.-flagged vessel, carrying 700 passengers from 40 different countries and 10,000 tons of humanitarian aid on a mission of mercy to besieged Gaza.

The ship was attacked approximately 65 miles off the coast of Netanya and 80 miles from Gaza, well within international waters. This is regarded as an act of piracy in international law. It is a war crime. It is too early to put a final figure on the number of casualties. These keep changing by the hour, depending on which side is providing the figures. AP’s initial report, based on figures helpfully supplied by Israel, stated that only two peace activists had died. This figure has now been rejected. The latest reports indicate that 16 unarmed activists may have been killed and up to 60 injured. Israeli casualties, as expected, have been minimal and almost cosmetic: two gun-toting commandos killed and three lightly injured. The AP report skilfully managed to give the impression that the heavily armed Israeli attackers were in fact the victims. The AP version comes down to this (my paraphrase):

Armed to the teeth, the Israelis board a vessel in international waters with peaceful intent, only to meet with violent resistance from a bunch of potential terrorists consisting of members of parliament from Germany, Sweden, Ireland and Turkey. Among those on board: Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Maguire of Ireland, Holocaust survivor Hedy Epstein, US diplomats Amb. Edward Peck and Col Ann Wright, not to mention peace activists from forty countries — including a US Navy survivor of Israel’s infamous attack on the USS Liberty.

By some remarkable inversion of logic, all these highly respected humanitarian peace activists are portrayed as aggressors seeking a confrontation with peace-loving Israel, while their Israeli attackers are seen as defending themselves by opening fire on orange-vested civilians rash enough to resist their ‘tough love’ overtures. Israel naturally claims that there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza. The Gazans are purportedly doing quite well under Israel’s benevolent supervision. All Israel wants is to stop arms getting through. And of course cementAmnesty International report stated that Israel’s siege on Gaza had created a humanitarian crisis of horrendous proportions: that four out of five Gaza residents needed humanitarian assistance and that hundreds were waiting for medical treatment that is cruelly denied by Israel". Read on here
— for what is the point of rebuilding all those demolished houses if Israel, in its compassionate wisdom, intends to demolish them all over again? AP fails to mention that a recent


Judea Declares War on Mankind

The Al-Capone-style Zionist attack on the Gaza Aid flotilla is nothing short of a declaration of war on mankind. No, let me rephrase it: it is a declaration of war of Judea on non-Jewish mankind, i.e. all of us cattle people who according to the Babylonian Talmud were created by God to serve, enrich and amuse the Jews.[1]

This callous attack on unarmed aid workers is so outrageously unethical, that even the 'no one sucks Jewish cock better than us'[2] Americans cannot help but declare it an 'unfortunate' event. Very unfortunate indeed!

Make no mistake! This has nothing to do with holy hoax induced ' poor little Israel, everybody hates us' paranoia. It is a calculated provocation by psychopathic minds, designed to send out ONE message and ONE message only: Screw you, all of you!!!

It is no coincidence that - only days before the departure of the Gaza Aid flotilla - we were all reminded that the Zionist terrorists are in possession of 200 nuclear warheads and - courtesy of the Grovel Republic of Germany - have the capability to deploy them anywhere they feel like.

Obviously, none of those Jew whores in charge of Western governments is going to do anything about it. They will make a few disapproving statements here and there and then sit on their kosher arses. The United Nations will conduct one of these really thorough investigations that outspokenly criticise the Zionist atrocity only to be buried in bureaucracy and not amount to anything.

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