Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Leonora Detention Centre - Sacked For Telling The Truth!

Local opposition continues.

After two planes landed last week carrying the first in what is believed to eventually number 300 so-called asylum seekers a number of Leonora locals who have never been consulted on this issue and at last report never will be decided to voice their disgust in front of the media. One of these people has now been forced to resign from their volunteer job at St John's Ambulance. This will leave a massive hole in the medical support provided to locals as two of her colleagues decided to support her. Throughout all of this nothing has been mentioned about the third world like services that are provided to locals, it is all about the invaders who are only here to leech off us and of course become Labor voters so Kevin Rudd will never be voted out of office.

As for Jo you have my support 100%, I know exactly what it is like to be persecuted for telling the truth. Welcome to the club of those who have been vilified by the media and the traitors in parliament for opposing multiculturalism.


Jo..the Righteous Gentile said...

Stand tall Girl....Unlike the Judas collaborators that wilt before the wickedness of the Pharisees who seek to destroy us all, you looked them in the eye, saw through their Weezilly works and stood your ground..Their 30 shekels could not purchase you and they hate you for that. Their "power" resides only in the efficacy of their lies, and their ability to purchase the Kapo, the collaborator and the low priced who have not shame nor honor.

You've got more Balls than any of the administrative functionaries that soil their seats with the reality of their squalid existence as purchaseable whores whole kneel for the Transgendered "Man".

The inglorious basterds can't afford they nailed they do.

Anonymous said...

Important stuff on the purpose of refugeeism for Shit for Brains Whitey's who habitually Tuck the Forelock at every opportunity.

Are you starting to see a pattern in all of this ASIO and DSD Anglo-Saxons and Celts ? Are you starting to understand the design behind it all ? Perhaps you'll eventually come to understand your career and the thrill of secrecy is not so important when your family and people are threatened with purposeful elimination.

What will you do ?